'The Rise and Fall of Antichrist'
is one of three major divisions of thephiladelphiafaith.org website. Obviously, going toward and staying with all which is Antichrist is the wrong direction to be heading and will end in doom and despair for all those who are not extricated from its grip of sin and rebellion against God. The other side we have named Journey to Brideship and is diametrically opposed to that fatal wrong way. The Journey to Brideship heads us toward the goals of God and His greatest hopes for man. The Bride side details the manner in which we should walk if we are to be Christ's disciple. This direction heads us toward becoming the perfect espoused wife of Jesus Christ in anticipation and hope of residing in our heavenly home for all eternity with God. On the other hand, the Antichrist section of the website discusses the realities and evils of the Antichrist Spirit, following the pattern of its Rise and Fall and its descent into Hell and into oblivion, where all of its followers will ultimately land. Our third division is the pivot point of man's direction. In the center sits, The Signs of Christ's Return, warning us against going the way of perdition and death while pointing us with magnificent wonder toward the prize of being the Bride of Christ, dressed in the white linen of the saints, robed in life and liberty for all the glorious ages to come.

The Antichrist division is meant to be an expose' so that we can identify the enemies of our soul and be wise to their 'devices' to seduce, rob, destroy and kill us. The Antichrist will not fail to stoop to any device to keep us from the truth and from salvation and eternal life. It has all kinds of means to divert us from life, distractions, fears, lusty offerings and crafty lies and subtle perversions of the truth. It can come as an angel of light or a devil with power and murder in its heart, and every shade of wrong and darkness in between.
   The Rise of Antichrist power always begins with the sowing of sin. Through the flesh of humans, the spirit of demonic forces and the seduction of the 'world', the Antichrist spirit is hatched by sin and gradually takes root in the sinner's heart. The efforts of this side of the website are devoted to making us wise to the devices of Antichrist Spirit so that we may not fall prey to its idle vanities and belief in the power of sin. ...

False Religion, that Great Whore, is the gateway for those who have been overcome by sin (through the Flesh, the World and Demonic forces) to trust in the Antichrist way and believe in his promises of utopia and salvation. Her religion is the minister of Antichrist faith which is faith in this world in any of its forms. The Antichrist rise to power is dependent upon false religion to produce support and worship for it and its father, Satan.

The Antichrist spirit seeks to be enthroned and to rule the world and the hearts and souls of mankind. It is its necessary mission to defeat God and His Christ on earth. the earth is the domain which he seeks to rule. He has been cast out of heaven, but hangs on to this world which is under his influence.

His descent begins whenever a person anywhere forsakes their sin and overcomes the three enemies of their soul by the atoning blood of Christ and walking in His grace. His descent continues with each aborted attempt to control the world by one of his empires and by one of his candidates for actual Antichrist leader of that Antichrist Empire. He has been foiled with every attempt, whether at the Tower of Babel when he stopped the infamous Nimrod, Alexander the Great by plague or poison at Babylon, Julius Caesar by the points of treacherous daggers, at Waterloo when he stopped Napoleon's bid to rule the world, or Hitler on the frozen fields outside of Stalingrad. Each time Antichrist makes an attempt and fails his descent is furthered, his demise assured.

All those who follow willingly or by casual default shall share in his total defeat and descent into oblivion.

This side of the website is dedicated to both warning and educating any willing listener about the Antichrist and to showing the way out of being prey to his deceptions and wily twisting of truths by false religion, the enshrining of worldly ways and enthroning sin, selfishness and lust as the rule which is demanded by a false notion of happiness.

the flesh

the world


The Antichrist will rise but always he falls to the utter depths of destruction. His rise is precipitated always by sin, deceit and demoralization of his victims so that they will follow mindlessly after his vain promises of happiness. To some extent, the Antichrist spirit has found rise in every man and woman who has ever lived. Only a miracle can reverse the curse so that an ascent to heavenly goodness of God can truly begin.

The descent of all that is antichrist is inevitable. It is inevitable in the individual soul if it is not curtailed and finally arrested. The individual pattern follows the same course of descent outlined in the Bible on a larger scale by the prophecies and historical proofs of the rise and fall of the Antichrist. Disaster, defeat and demise are the usual pattern for Antichrist at large and individual lives which do not repent. A microcosm of this pattern is on display in the prophecies of the Tribulation to be found exclusively and conclusively in the final book of the Bible, Revelation.

The Rise of Antichrist is glorious in the eyes of the unbelieving world and its devotees. The Fall of the Antichrist is something the world hates, in an individual or as it will come shortly, in the collective world. Antichrist's fall ends in The Pit, The Lake of Fire, Hell where what the Bible calls the Second Death seizes hold of a spirit and never can let go.



And they overcame Satan
[1]by the blood of the Lamb
by the word of their testimony
[3]they loved not their lives unto the death. Rev. 12:10,11


     Christians easily lose sight of the true nature of the Christian fight; the Bible declares our real enemy to be “powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places”, rather than people of mere flesh and blood. In this light, the Book of Revelation further reveals that the faithful disciple is able to overcome Satan because of three powerful weapons: the Blood of the Lamb, the Word of their Testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the Death. It is this combination of forces, working continually in the believer which enables the Christian to become a true disciple of Christ, able to combat and overcome the great unseen enemy of “spiritual wickedness in high places”.

                                  VERY SOON!



The Redemption Play
Rise and Fall of
the antichrist and
Redemption of Man



    Among the greatest books ever written stands Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire. It looms large in Christianity’s bookcase because it chronicles in detail, with general accuracy, the history of the Antichrist Beast up to the time of the formation of the nations into modern Europe. Another hugely popular history which deals with the subject of the attempted takeover of the world by an Antichrist empire is William Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Shirer’s masterpiece was among the most widely read books of the 20th Century. As with Gibbon’s monumental work on the Roman Antichrist Empire this too chronicled the course of a stage of the Antichrist Empire which ultimately ended up showing the fallacy of Antichrist promises and the failure of its Utopian vision. Shirer’s history was a contemporary look into Antichrist than is Gibbon’s. The Nazi Empire, the Antichrist conspiracy of Adolph Hitler’s reign of destruction and death and the mad ambition that rules over the ruthless spirit for world domination hits much closer to home than does the history of Imperial Rome. But both are extremely interesting, if not useful, to understanding the premise and goals behind the Antichrist Empire. Both needed a dynamic Antichrist figure(s) in order to operate at full capacity. Neither author, however, understood that they were doing the cause of Christ some service in exposing Antichrist methods. They thought they were chronicling nothing more than a phase or a segment in the greater overall history of the rise and fall of an empire. Gibbon saw his subject as majestic, its decline and fall a human tragedy of the greatest degree. Shirer realized his subject was the demise of an extremely evil force working upon an unfortunate world which was very fortunate in turn to have it totally obliterated even if by force. Nonetheless, Shirer reported on it without demonizing its deeds the way they should be portrayed. The Antichrist Spirit of empire and its bid for world domination is real. Its strategy is controlled behind the scenes by demonic forces at Satan’s command who also tries to infuse it with the force of his power at all times.

One whole side of ThePhiladelphiaFaith.org website is dedicated to chronicling the history and course taken in the Rise and Fall of the Antichrist Spirit. The rise of Antichrist started immediately. Ever since the Antichrist Spirit’s inception in the Garden of Eden where Satan perpetrated the seduction of Eve and the successful temptation of Adam to bring them out into the world and its ‘faith’, Satan has jabbed and probed in efforts to gain control of the souls of Man. Like a snake he hopes to poison Man against God to steal away Man’s worship for himself and his false Messiah, the Antichrist. No matter how monumental the work of Gibbon, or insightful the work of Shirer, these laudable works of history pale small and minute compared to the Bible’s complete and comprehensive chronicle of the Rise and Fall of the Antichrist, and the resulting descent of all those creatures, whether angel or man, who have worshipped other gods, followed Antichrist spirit and sown its dirty deeds by living and breathing in the folly of sin under the sway of Antichrist faith. Satan and his rebel demons, the Antichrist leaders of history with their unholy accomplices, and the religious whores who have invented and sought out every kind of god other than the one true Creator, have often been joined in common interest in this on-going rebellion against God. They will share a common fate as well. Antichrist and all its accomplices will be cast into the Lake of Fire, once and for all doomed to the worst fate a creature could ever receive - the Second Death. Before this, however there will be a rise to power and many successes recorded. The Antichrist has had its rise to glory over and over again. It has risen to power in the hearts of literally billions of people. Sin and delusion have dragged them into perdition. Jesus made it clear that the rise of antichrist power is far from being an exception on earth. He said, “wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:  Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads unto life, and few there be that find it.” Each individual that the Antichrist ensnares is a victory for it.

 Antichrist has had its historic moments of dominion and power among the military and political governments of mankind as well. From the prophecies of the Bible, we shall chronicle the successive rise of each mighty power one by one and show how the evolution of the Antichrist Empire has developed to point that it is today. Its fall, however, has been a gradual and continual descent into evil, one rebellion, one phase of empire to the next, one military and governmental oppression of mankind at a time. The Antichrist spirit evolved, changing, morphing from one beast to the next, until it finally will gain in strength to seize the grand opportunity to set itself up as God on earth in the waning desperate hours of its life a few short years before its destruction and demise.

The demise of Antichrist will seem sudden but it has been a work in progress since the beginning of time as we know it. Slowly, gradually, incrementally, Satan as the father of the antichrist movement has seen his power diminish at the hand of God. His influence in heaven has been drastically challenged and eroded. He has been stripped of his authority and rank from around the throne of God in heaven. His presence there and privileges are curtailed and nearly nullified.  He has conspired to bring to life his antichrist conspiracy and hatred here on earth. He hopes to regain the power and position he has lost by his doomed rebellion and to try to conquer the very throne of God itself. In the present he is limited to the spheres of this world and its ‘lower’ heavens. But even this authority and power is brought under the rule of Christ’s authority. His antichrist man and empire amount to his last bunker of refuge from which he is conducting his last offensive. Christ broke Satan’s strangle hold on earthly power by His obedience to God at Calvary’s cross and there is nothing that Satan can now do about that decisive victory that will prove in the end to be not just a battle won but the victory that won the war. The handwriting is on the wall for Satan. He knows his time is short and he is swelling up like a tick with desperation and fury. Shortly, Satan’s Antichrist man, the savior to a deceived world and the Messiah to his followers, will be given influence and sway over the minds of mankind, even power to conquer the minds and hearts of the deceitful and deceived inhabitants of the earth. One last ditch effort by Satan to dislodge God from His throne and prove God a liar, is shortly to be played out on the world stage. Many smug and self-confident fundamentalist Christians and deceived Charismatics will be taken in by his charismatic style and enticing promises to right every wrong and to cure the ills of all that ails this reeling world in which they long to be a part of. This is a large part of the rising climax of the glory days which will shine darkly for a few short moments when the world staggers with the hope of their hero’s mighty words and fanciful promises of health and salvation for all those who will simply believe in him. The center of this message and any controversy swirling around is and shall be in the ‘navel’ of the whole earth, the Middle East, specifically Israel and even more specifically, Jerusalem, God’s city. Then Satan and the Antichrist and all their cohorts throughout the Age of Man will share the same fate for their futile rebellion and stubborn opposition against God. Satan and his spirit of ‘anti-christ’ had conspired successfully to bring about the fall of Man so Satan and his followers could rise again to even greater heights than they had enjoyed before his fall. The Devil had not counted on the perfect work of Christ to redeem and resurrect the fallen creatures through God’s love. But that has not stopped Satan from continuing his Antichrist course of action.

The days of Satan and Antichrist are numbered. We live not only in the days just preceding the return of Christ we live in the days heralding the doom of the age old Antichrist conspiracy. The fall of the conspirators of the world looms. There will be one last rising up before the final fall.  The days of the Tribulation as outlined in the Book of Revelation are about to unfold just as the Bible has reported on them that they would. The final seven years of Antichrist rule on earth is a digression, a descent into total destruction and annihilation. This is only a microscopic view of the history of the Antichrist and its destiny. In the descending events of the Tribulation we are presented with a compressed picture of the fate of Satan and the Antichrist as it has gradually unfolded over time. First there is disaster, then defeat, then demise. This is the pattern of descent common throughout the ages of man and finally pronounced upon Satan, Antichrist and their co-conspirators for their rebellion against God.

Satan, the Antichrist and their empire will meet with frustration and disaster in the first stages of the Tribulation. Wars, famines and pestilence will plague the entire seven year reign. In the midst of the Tribulation he will turn on his Antibride (religion) because he is, and always has been jealous of her, wants only to use her to ensnare people’s hearts and wrest their faith so they worship and obey him alone. He cannot share worship with her. He never has, nor will he ever share his throne or authority with religion. He is the object and substance of all the religion he will allow. He sets up his throne in the Temple in Jerusalem and declares himself God. Nimrod took on the elevated position as God of a new world, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Augustus and other Roman Emperors were deified and worshipped as God. All the forerunners of Antichrist have proclaimed their deity in some fashion or other. Napoleon crowned himself Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Hitler was the autocratic leader, a demigod, his word was above that of God. The Antichrist will not stop until he has the power of God on earth, is king and total authority without rival.  In the end he no longer needs her. History has proven this out time and time again. Antichrist always turns and devours his whore of a bride as soon as he has used her slays her with disdain and hatred. He demands the worship of himself and his father, Satan - and only himself and his father. But everything will be going wrong. Disasters will best him on every side in the early stages of his rule. Opposition to his demands will swell. Wars of conquest, uprisings and intrigues will not cease to beleaguer the kingdom for the entire seven year period. Total defeat will take place at the legendary place Armageddon. Christ and His army of immortals will take no quarter. The Antichrist demise will be complete when he and the False Prophet and those who have followed the spirit of Antichrist down through the entire Age of Man are cast into the pit. (Satan, however, will be let out after a thousand years to lead one last rebellion of unredeemed men born on earth during the millennium before he is finally cast into the pit himself.) The pattern of descent from God’s gift of life, His goodness and His presence is now complete – disaster, defeat, demise, descent = 2nd death.

            This ‘side’ of the website is laid out in accordance with this pattern of the gradual descent of all antichrist spirits into Hell. It applies both to the Spirit of Antichrist held in common by the unbelieving, unfaithful world at large, as well as all individuals held in the grip of the Antichrist spirit through the power of their personal sin. All unrepentant sinners are in his grip regardless of knowledge or degree of willful alliance. Those who follow the Antichrist, knowingly or ignorantly, because of callousness, or the seduction of their bogus mystery religious practices, or from arrogance, hatred or selfishness, out of fear or complacency or a haughtiness or high mindedness, or love of evil, or hypocrisy, will find themselves sharing the same fate as the Antichrist spirit to which they belong, regardless of whether they call themselves Christ’s or not. The pattern and fate also applies to the Antichrist and his Empire. Jesus told his disciples that anyone not against Christ is for Him. But the reverse is also true. If we are for the Antichrist, tacitly or uncaringly or actively and passionately, it makes no difference. If we are for the Antichrist we are but putty in his hands. We are then among those who oppose Christ even if we do not think we are involved we are still involved in the skullduggery of rebellion and therefore one with the antichrist spirit. Therefore, we are against Christ by default, like it or not.
    There should be cause for careful concern, even among the born-again Christian who has been made a new creation in Christ. No one should take the Antichrist lightly or its spirit’s ability to seduce the complacent and lazy, or to delude any presumptuous believer who is careless or anyone who loses sight of how they were saved out of their private world of sin. The dog can turn back to its vomit, the sow return to the mire. If the new creature does not follow that which made him new then he will revert to type. We do not want this to happen. We do not want to become what we once were and even worse. This would be to reverse our new destiny, our newly God-given fate, to nullify our new life. We would return then to death’s dark closet, a casket of iron this time and how shall we get out? Will Christ then say we are one with Him if we are not one with God? Or, shall He say to those who plead that they have done things in His name and battled for His cause, but actually lived primarily for themselves, “Depart from me you workers of iniquity, into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.” And, as He says, “Where the worm never dies and the fire is never quenched”. This total disastrous descent we do not wish to befall anyone, even our worst enemy.


This descent into perdition is what we are trying to warn people about, educate one another about; whether young or old, unbeliever, newly born-again or experienced person in the Lord Jesus Christ. Deliverance from the bondage of sin is paramount if we are to be extricated from our love affair with the World, freed from the driving influence of the Flesh, if we are to be delivered from the powerful suggestions of Demon forces of Satan; all of which have influenced our thoughts and shaped our actions from our early age.
       The pattern of descent into damnation begins as the Bible declares it does; when every person sins and falls short of the glory of God. Each person falls and thereby activates the beginning of their personal descent. The person alone must bear responsibility for their own slide into perdition. If this slide is not arrested by God and the grace of Jesus Christ the process of descent into Hell goes on unimpeded until its horrific end is realized by a final splash into the Lake of Fire. The descent into the second death begins with this initial disaster, the disaster of sin when it finds its way into our heart and mind and gains mastery over our soul. Cain was warned by God about letting sin in: “Surely, if you do right, there is uplift. But if you do not do right sin couches at the door; its urge is toward you, yet you can be its master.” (Genesis 4.7: Tanakh) Once sin has been let in from its position ‘couching at our door’ the infection of sin is inevitable. Sin requires judgment. Judgment against sin means defeat. Defeat results in demise (we are stopped from sinning) signaling an end of sin by the sentence of death. The finish of the process of descent then, is death. This demise in the Lake of fire is what the Bible mysteriously calls, The Second Death. This is the fate which awaits the Antichrist and all his followers, either active full-fledged believers or simply casual adherents of its ways, doesn’t matter.

As depicted in the opening pages of our site there is a clear avenue toward the Antichrist and his world and stages leading up to being fully under his spell. The entrance to the world of Anti-Christ is the door which all men seem to be compelled to open. Sometimes it is out of curiosity, mostly out of selfishness and fear and an innate liking for the untouchable, the risky or the forbidden – the door to Anti-Christ is sin. The voices of sin are discussed and analyzed under the microscope of Scripture so that those who care to study them can see themselves more clearly and ask God for the way out. The threat of the reality of a descent into Death and that it is the fault of the individual and no one else can help people gain personal deliverance from the clutches of their personal sin so that they will not be as likely to fall into the clutches of the Antichrist and fall prey to his slick gospel and its incredibly powerful delusion.


The second step in falling prey to the Antichrist delusions of this life comes from Mystery Babylon, the spirit of false religion, which has infected the entire earth inside and outside of the Church of Jesus Christ. She is the gateway. She is the preacher of sin and opposition to the true God. She has concocted as brands and flavors of false religion to suit the taste of everybody everywhere. She is the gateway and mouthpiece for believing in the Antichrist as the true and brilliant way of salvation. She lures all souls into his world. Her existence and power, even her methods are discussed in terms of her being the Antichrist’s very useful link between man’s personal sin and belief in the false god(s) that is always Antichrist, just with a different mask or slightly different story to tell.



     Once a person has been converted to the Antichrist side of things they can become a full-fledged member of the Empire. The empire was re-started after the Flood by Nimrod. He labored to make it complete with a conspiracy to take things over and with a religion to gain and keep converts. The Book of Daniel traces the reality of this living, morphing Antichrist Empire from its days of primary worldly power in Babylon through to the present day. We hold that the Antichrist Empire has existed in various degrees of power in an unbroken line of descent since Nimrod’s conspiracy at Babel. This line of unbroken descent has provided a living scepter toward which the hope of the world could be continually foisted upon the inhabitants of the earth and its Antichrist message could be broadcast with an unrelenting drone into the ears of mankind. We go to some links, as God has in the Book of Daniel to prove this existence of the Antichrist Empire and its unwavering cause to dominate the people of the earth and especially the people of God, wherever they be found at a given point in time. The well informed believer will be fully aware that the Antichrist conspiracy has had its headquarters open for business in all times and all ages without a gap in its existence. During the Middle Ages the Antichrist Empire (as progeny and successor of the Roman spirit) was hampered in power by competition from within and attacks from without which caused its immense powers to lie dormant, held at bay according to the plan of Providence. As the time of Christ’s return approached and the time for the final showdown drew near the Antichrist Empire’s powers were somewhat revived as evidenced by the attempts of Napoleon and Hitler to dominate the world, and by the singular dominance of Great Britain followed up by the United States, both as world-wide Imperial dynasties in the spirit of Antichrist. Gibbon and Shirer wrote about the Empire and its undertakings during a particular stage in the Antichrist Empire’s existence. We will cover its metamorphosis into the roman Spirit and beyond, to this very day by way of the prophecies of the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation. Once the history of the Antichrist Empire has been traced we shall then turn our attention to the coming of its ultimate leader. Nimrod, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, all are only a foreshadowing of the man who is to come. By tracing the evolution of the Empire we can tell that the Empire’s time is at hand. Therefore, the true Antichrist’s coming is also upon us and the world. He but needs a new world empire (and this too is coming, vaguely called the kingdom of the ten kings in scripture), one which he can wield as a personal instrument, a weapon in his hand forged to enforce his tyrannical subjugation of mankind.



     The Empire is here and has been for over four thousand years, if only in embryonic form, but its final hybrid is at the door. The antichrist spirit and empire has been here and active for all-time and has been represented by many aspirants, but the real Antichrist is coming and the two shall become one, for neither one nor the other can do without the other, they need. We shall examine history, fulfilled prophecy and prophecy yet to be fulfilled concerning the Antichrist, the Man and his relationship to the Antichrist Empire so that we may more readily detect him at his appearing on the world stage. We shall take a look into his career as revealed in prophecy and try to draw up a personal profile of the man to help us to detect him, but also to detect where his doctrine and our longing for his wicked hopes might still be lodged in our own hearts. For in understanding his mind set and even his psychological profile we can get rid of any fondness we have for this ultimate opponent of God and heaven.



       The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist concludes with the Antichrist himself being cast headlong into the Pit, along with all supporters and followers as foretold in the final book of the Bible. It behooves us to declare that this truth is revealed to a world that is duped into believing all antichrist lies and deceptions. The disaster, defeat, demise and total descent into Hell as described in the proceedings of judgment rendered upon the Antichrist Kingdom (Empire and Man together = Kingdom) in Revelation is real and its day is coming sooner than the world has any idea. The Tribulation is the time of this judgment, set aside in God’s plan of redemption for the descent and death of Antichrist and the dismissal of all things antichrist. As for the kingdom as a whole, including its Empire, its leader and its people, the process of descent into perdition (a process followed in the personal life of an individual person who falls under his sway) is dramatically and astonishingly condensed into this rapidly advancing seven year period of the Tribulation. The conclusion of ThePhiladelphiaFaith.org is one unavoidable. The Antichrist’s disasters mount until its defeat is total and its demise absolute; then the final, inevitable descent into Hell is confirmed. Everyone joined to him or it will share in its horrifying fate. We draw only a picture of the inevitable truth so that we can take care to avoid sharing in that fate. A person informed in these matters should acquire a healthy fear of God so they may do everything within their power, everything necessary to become a supporter of true salvation and an enemy of Antichrist and antichrist spirit, so they may assure that they are nowhere near it when Antichrist goes down in flames.