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A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knows nothing. For she sits at the door of her house, on a seat in the high places of the city, to call passengers who go right on their ways: Whoso is simple, let him turn in hither: and as for him that wants understanding, she says to him, stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant. But he knows not that the dead are there; and that her guests are in the depths of hell.”
Prov. 9.13-18

Mystery Babylon/False Religion
Antibride/The Great Whore

The Seductress:
Gateway into the
Antichrist Kingdom

     False religion, Mystery Babylon, The AntiBride, The Great Whore - every name is fitting, call her what you will. Dub the spirit of infidelity and whorish idolatry a she, call it a religion, an "it" if you wish - whatever label one uses this ancient conspirator/spirit remains to this day the gateway for mankind's entrance into the religion of the world. It is the universal religion found in various form and theological hybrid around the globe and on every continent. She is the conduit by which mankind most easily falls in league with the Antichrist and his earthly dominion. She is that Mystery Babylon which is in opposition to the true religion of God. She is the goddess of man-styled religion, the word derived from two latin words, reo and legare - to bind again - she is the one through fornication and idolatry which is able to bind man to slavery and death by her toxic brews and bogus beliefs.
      This spirit of religion is committed to a personal alliance with the Antichrist. He is able to use her like a puppet master, though she deludes herself into thinking she can use it. Over the course of history she has sometimes risen up against her master in attempted coupes to control the destiny of mankind and gain its worship for herself. Each time she has attempted a take-over, as with the medieval papacy for example, she has failed and the spirit of Antichrist has gained back control using her for its diabolical purposes, ensnaring mankind in its web of rebellion and blasphemy against the God of creation. In compliance and collusion with the Antichrist's ill-conceived and ultimately doomed rebellion against God and all that is in heaven, the Whorish religion has had a fabulous reign over the hearts of men. That reign, however, is about to end, not until, however, it helps the Antichrist to lead the whole earth into rebellion for one more fantastic and desperate attempt to try and steal Man's love away from God.
        The Antichrist conspiracy, with its false religion is the sworn enemy of God. Satan, Antichrist and the Whore (finally personified by the False Prophet of Revelation) comprise the trio, an unholy trinity of desperados who are destined to lead the world and its duped followers to Armageddon and the final ill-fated war against God and the everlasting kingdom of Jesus Christ, Savior, Lamb of God and eternal King of kings.
         We now embark on the examination of a vast and complex conspiracy of Antichrist elements which have had a long running effect upon the history and life of the Church of Jesus Christ. The Antichrist is the enemy seeking to do its 'father's works' of robbing, destroying and killing all faith in God. The Whore, Mystery Babylon has often conducted its dirty business from within the congregation of God's people, an idolatrous presence with powerful spiritual delusion of sorcery and witchcraft which has dragged down many an unsuspecting and callous would-be believer of truth. The 'Great Whore" has proven to be a most dangerous enemy to the churches with influence equal to or near to that of the Antichrist or Satan himself. This spirit of idolatry is a formidable menace to salvation and even today is a true nemesis of the spirit of brideship and all spirit of fidelity toward Christ and God. This enemy is the gatekeeper of idolatry. Every Christian should seek to identify her and know what it takes to ward off her unsavory advances. That is the prime purpose of this section of our website. She brings unsuspecting Christians into a false way which not only impedes their perfection and worthiness before God but is also designed to undo their health, sap them of the general health given to the believer by overall salvation, primarily by entangling them in the affairs of this life and distracting them from the spiritual life in Christ.
        As the woman closely associated with the Antichrist she amounts to The AntiBride, seducing as many as she can into the waiting arms of her most cruel abusive lover who really hates them and intends to lure them to their death. The unknowing soul will pin all hope and affection upon the transient things of this unworthy love affair driving them through encouraging lust into chasing the temporary riches of this fading world. As the Antibride the Whore is the gatekeeper into the world of the Antichrist. He uses her to promote an illicit affair and relationship with him. He is that abominable one, the 'son of perdition', who is the devoted servant of the Devil, the 'prince' of this world. The Whore is the subject of chapters seventeen and eighteen of Revelation. Understanding her persona, spirit, mission and power is extremely important for the true believer because its spirit can infect the spirit of Brideship to the point of causing sickness and even death if it is not properly avoided, if the Whore's advances are not entirely checked and refuted. So important is the knowledge of her existence and sorceries that God has devoted two whole chapters in the final book of the Bible to her. It only makes sense that we give it full attention. We need to take God’s words about her very seriously and not shy away from any truth, no matter how hard-hitting or offensive it may seem to our manners and Christian sensitivity. In this portion of we try to warn the believer about her. We offer this as an expose', hoping that it may not only be effective in making the aspiring Bride wise to the ways and operations of the AntiBride, but also by careful comparison those who seek righteous standing with God may gain insight into the good conduct and faith that befits the true Bride of Christ.
      Within this section we not only expose the AntiBride and her historical roots but we provide a subsection entitled "The Wine of Her Fornication" (a reference to the remark in Revelation that she has made the inhabitants of the earth drunk on her vile doctrines and lies) which devotes a group of related articles denoting the more heretical and common doctrines which she has weaved into the fabric of the churches faith by her sinister witchcraft and sorceries. In Revelation the believer is told to repent of any sorcery or deception he or she has bit on. Where ever we have been taken in by them of involved in their adherence we are to righteously reject them. The spirit of the Bride will do so; because she has the righteous 'fear of the Lord' and the fear of the Lord, we are told in Proverbs, is to hate evil.