1. The Creation, Adam and Eve and the Flood

ACT 2: The Three Main Characters
1. The Nations
2. The Spirit of Empire
3. The Chosen Nation
4. Ultimate Salvation of Israel

1. The Colossus of Empire
2. Babylon: The Head of Gold
3. Persia: The Chest and Arms of Silver
4. Greece: Belly and Thighs of Brass

5. Rome: Legs of Iron/Feet of Iron and Clay


1. Our Hero Appears

2. The Age of Competition: North vs. South
3. The Eastern Roman Empire vs. Islam
4. Holy Roman Empire vs. Ottoman Empire

5. The British Empire

6. The United States: "Raiser of Taxes"


1. The Signs of the End

2. The Fig Tree Buds: Israel Reborn

3. The Antichrist and the Ten Kings

4. The King of the South

5. Russia and Its Hordes

ACT 6: THE 70th WEEK

1. The Rapture

2. The Antichrist's Covenant with Israel

3. The Abomination of Desolation

4. The End: the Most Holy is Anointed

5. The Book of Revelation: Tribulation Detail


1. The Millennium
2. God All, in All

                                                        COVER PAGE

        The Redemption Play runs the entire course of the history of Man chronicling the evolution of the Antichrist Empire right up to its full strength as the oppressive Beast through to its final end and total annihilation. Its evolution from Creation, the Flood, the conspiracy of the Tower of Babel and the great Antichrist Empires of World History, up to the present hour and through to the new Heaven and new Earth is traced by the marvelous spiritual radar called biblical prophecy. Many of the Antichrist personalities who have tried to harness the power of the Antichrist Empire, and by their personal genius and tyranny turn it into the victorious kingdom of Antichrist parade across our history's stage. Each Antichrist figure is an aspirant of the actual Antichrist and is part of Antichrist history as a forerunner of 'the real deal' who will impose his will on the earth in a last ditch effort to rule the world before the return of Christ. The beginning of Antichrist's conspiracy was a rough one. Each attempt to take control of the people of the earth was thwarted from heaven. But the Antichrist Spirit remained undaunted. Always the Antichrist renewed its efforts and eventually evolved until it became a powerful and glorious kingdom. With help from 'Mystery Babylon' (that age-old evil of false religion and idolatry, the Antichrist Spirit was able to spread its unholy doctrines of worldliness over the entire globe.

       Act by act, the Empire rises to glory and increases its shame and power. But in the end it is not able to cast God off. Its oppression of man with its ruthless and deceptive ways is foiled. Armageddon does come. The judgment of Antichrist is accomplished by the terrible swift sword that proceeds from the mouth of Christ at His return. The proof that Antichrist has been here and has continued to evolve is captured in this prose-play. Each act and scene depicting past history, each fulfilled prophecy pointing to the actions of Antichrist that are yet to happen, acting as witnesses to the certainty of their soon fulfillment. If one wishes to be handed proof that the evil one (the actual Antichrist) is coming and his appearance is just around the corner then this play and its quintessential depiction of the history of the world will provide you testimony of genuine fact that cannot be ignored or dismissed by any fair-minded person. The prophecies of Daniel can now be understood and have almost been fulfilled entirely, except for the coming of "the vile person" himself. As the hope of seeing Christ makes us want personal purity, so prophesy is given to us that we will be urged and moved to be Rapture-Ready, which means, truly wanting to see Him without any thought of looking back on the fleeting things of this present evil world.

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