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     With each passing moment the appearing of Christ draws one breath closer. Coinciding with each cascading sign of Christ’s return is the Antichrist’s appearance, looming large over the world's political stage as we speak. The two appearances are inexorably and inevitably connected, tied together like two large opposing armies facing off to the death. God determined long ago that prophecy should be the mode and means by which He would inform us about the impending conflict and the victory of redemption and salvation over evil and sin. It is His chosen method for educating the world about 1.) the Savior’s first and second comings 2.) the Rapture of the faithful and 3.) the mad conspiratorial attempt of the Antichrist Spirit destroy God’s efforts at redemption and to rob God of the worship of man. As time wore on there would be a massive concourse of signs leading up to the Rapture and the second advent of the Savior Jesus Christ. In the end Jesus will put an end to transgression, iniquity and sin. These are among the primary goals and promised benefits of the judgment which will be brought about by the Great Tribulation which is shortly to befall this world.
      The development and evolution of the Antichrist and the eventual coming of the ‘Vile One’ runs parallel and concurrent with God’s promised coming of the Holy One. The Bible informs all those who are waiting for the day of redemption that God, in His righteousness, will allow the cup of iniquity to be filled to the brim. Evil must complete its course, have its day, before it can be judged and sentenced.
     The day of the appearing of both Christ and Antichrist are now upon us. These Biblical signs stand as undeniable facts for the discerning seeker of God’s truth, that Christ's appearing to take away His bride is shortly to take place while the final showdown and coming of the Antichrist and his world kingdom are fast at work proven by the world's overwhelming drive for a globalized government built upon the foundation of a globalized economy which is forming in the financial fields and counting houses of today's international political landscape. The way is marked, the path nearly finished, the appearance of both God and Antichrist hover over the world, like the shadow of Dracula cast over every living soul on earth heating up the brand of 666 for the day in the middle of the Tribulation when no living person will be allowed to procure food or necessities of life without its seal of doom and damnation. The Bible has warned us for two thousand years and still most, practically all make light of it and turn its truth for profit and amusement. In spite of the world's foolishness and the ridicule one receives at its cruel hand, one must be ready for these monumental events and be exhumed from the quicksand of antichrist threats and scurrilous rejection.

     The appearing of Christ in the clouds could happen before this sentence is finished; the appearance of the Antichrist awaits only that global government and that platform of an international confederation of peoples and nations upon which the Antichrist will rest his tyrannical power and be given a mandate to oppress mankind by his deceptive evil will. The Antichrist will be subtle and crafty. At first he will come wearing a benevolent mask, reassuring mankind that he only wishes well for all, that he has the answers to our immense problems, and that he comes bearing nothing other than an olive branch, great and wonderful ideas, healing for the earth's woes, and the gentle fruits of salvation doused with the milk of human kindness. But he will not be able to tolerate the dissenters. They will be doing evil's work, the work of hate-mongers he will say. He will back up his words with money. He will promise to redistribute the wealth, give everyone liberty and happiness and rule only by the law of love as the defender of the dignity of man everywhere. Of course he will deliver nothing of the sort. What he will deliver will be oppression and bloodshed. War will soon begin to plague his reign and will last the duration of the Tribulation once it begins. He will be a great military leader. He will instantly gain legendary status as the greatest general of all time. This is prophesied in the Book of revelation.
      He will be the boldest and greatest liar of all time (except for his father Satan who is the Father of All Lies). He will deceive the world and the world will fawn over him. People of the world will lap up every lie like the finest liquor. He will come in his own name and the world will respect this because self is the unrivaled way of the age-old tradition of man and selfishness is at the heart of everything that has ever been anti-christ.
      Within these web pages we seek to enlighten the reader of the  character and power of the living Christ. We want to teach what His will is for the individual and for His body of faithful believers at large. We hope to educate every Christian on how to enter into the Will of God with their whole being and thereby fulfill the first commandment that we should love God with our heart, our soul and our body - with every bit of our being. it is the goal of this site to help bring every person who is interested to a certain kind of true spiritual perfection, so they might know what it is they should actually do concerning God’s plan for their personal life, so that they might be rapture-ready, prepared to meet Him on that day when He suddenly appears in the clouds to call faithful ones home. Readers may find encouragement and solace for this on what we call the BrideSide of our site. Vitally important in this cause of entering into God’s Will is getting to know the enemy and what he is all about. Therefore, we hope to use the portraits of archetype Antichrist's who have come before to draw a thorough portrait of the shadowy figure of the Antichrist is looms in our near future. As a police artist might draw a portrait of a criminal from the description of eye-witnesses so a portrait of the coming 'vile one' can be rendered so we can clearly ID him for our protection. In this section on the person of the Antichrist we expose the Antichrist person by profiling his character and purpose so that believers may be thoroughly schooled in the Antichrist and his ways. It is vital that believers not be deceived in any manner as to who and what they are actually following, Christ or Antichrist. To follow the Antichrist is to follow the ways of the world. The best detector of whom and what we are following, Christ or Antichrist, is to look honestly into the mirror of one's own heart and perceive who likeness we see. Where is it that we desire to belong? With or where do we wish to belong? Whose side are we on? And with whom do we agree and have like aspirations and goals? Do we want the world and its goods and wealth? Well, that is what the Antichrist promises to dole out. When the Rapture occurs a person will remain exactly where they belong. If we have sought to belong to the world we shall stay in the world, because that is where we belong. If we wish, strive, hope and fret about belonging and being accepted by the world we are looking in the Antichrist’s direction, even though we insist that this is not our intention. No one is allowed to have both worlds. Jesus simply put it this way: "You cannot serve God and mammon too." Antichrist has captured us and we are his prisoner when we want to be accepted by the world. God has declared the world to be an enemy of His. If we belong in the world and to the world's hopes and works then are we not enemies by default? If, on the other hand, we do not seek to be accepted by the world and bite the bullet and endure its rejection then we are free to follow the path of the father of faith, Abraham. It is Abraham who looked for another city, that place called heaven and paradise, a place 'made without hands' as the Bible puts it, one fashioned in the spirit by God Himself. This is kingdom come. This is the utopia to which Christ will shortly call His ‘little flock’ of faithful followers. Soon, the world will be cast into great tribulation (the word tribulation means severe pressure and trial) and the Antichrist will be given supernatural powers to go out conquering and to conquer. This is the very first judgment of the Tribulation which is rendered upon all mankind. But what the Antichrist shall conquer will not be simply turf and goods and armies, though he will procure and defeat them. He is after the worship of man. He will stop only when he owns a man's soul. He will be clever with his rouses to steal man’s hearts and their worship.

Because of this power given to the Antichrist to deceive with lying wonders, we think it is beneficial that this website offer a lengthy and historical chronicle of the personal history of the Antichrist charting his maturation and evolution. We endeavor to set forth an accurate psychological profile of the man who will destroy so many people before bringing the nations of the earth to Armageddon for the final rebellious clash with God and His Christ. This is his and the unrepentant world's ultimate doom. In studying and profiling the Antichrist we hope it will lend understanding toward being wise to the Antichrist spirit which rules all aspects of the entire fabric of society and the growing 'world' culture in these final days, regardless of what form of government or what type of economy it uses or upon which continent it resides. The Antichrist sphere of influence is expanding and oozing over the whole world with increasing flow at a daily pace. The personal profile of historic Antichrist archetypes and the various revelations of Holy Scripture concerning the man and the Kingdom can arm us with knowledge, understanding and wisdom. We must be honest with ourselves as well as God. Every person acquires a love, even an affinity toward antichrist ways, so powerful is our desire to belong and be accepted. It is, however, imperative if we hope to be called Christ’s friends, and He be willing to recognize us before the Father, that wherever we harbor love or admiration for antichrist ways that they all be completely rousted out from that worldly berth where they unknowingly may have stowed away in our heart and mind. It is helpful to consider the bare-bones truth about Antichrist spirit and its devices so as to take heed to ourselves to avoid any alliance, innocent or otherwise, with the fiendish enemy of life that is antichrist. Jesus said to take heed to ourselves and see that we be not deceived. This implies that falling into the Antichrist grip is not always or necessarily a matter of willfulness but can come through ignorance, callousness, or just not watching out for the warnings given us by Christ in the Scriptures. We can be deceived, just as the Bible says that there is a way that seems right to man but it leads to perdition and Hell. A person may not want to get hit by a car, but if they do not look both ways they may get run over because they did not take heed to look. We have been warned throughout Holy Scripture that Antichrist is a fully loaded eighteen wheeler coming down the road and it will not stop for anyone until it reaches its preordained destination - a full blown clash and disaster with God. Many will be flattened because they refused to look at, even though they full well heard it coming.

The three greatest profiles of the Antichrist person are given in Scripture. The first is Nimrod, that infamous conspirator of the unity of man forged in opposition to God expressed and acted upon at the tower of Babel. The second is the profile of the actual end-times Antichrist given in the prophecies of Daniel, especially loaded are chapters 7-9 & 11. The other profile can be discovered in Revelation 13, 17 & 18, which in many points confirms Daniel's prophecies and then elaborates further on them. Nimrod is the quintessential archetype of the Antichrist and therefore the study of him and the conspiracy at the Tower of Babel offers revelations of a primary sort. The Antichrist profiles in Daniel 11 and Revelation are exposés of the actual Antichrist himself which can be detected by the discerning eye as they loom on the horizon by the rise of its spirit and its global politics in these end-times in which we live and struggle. These are perilous times, but the light of Christ can shine through the darkest night.

Another revealing aspect of Antichrist study is the historical record of known antichrist empires and those who were the prime movers behind their insurgence and dominion. These we also offer the reader as food for study. At regular intervals throughout history God has provided man with significant archetypes of the Antichrist which tender further insight into His motives and character and add to the psycho/spiritual profile of the conspiracy begun by Nimrod which will end with the Antichrist himself at Armageddon. Each of the designated nations which have held the Antichrist scepter (declared in the prophecies of Daniel 11) throughout history have a representative Antichrist archetype which we offer here for the rapture-ready edification of this site’s readers. Along the path of history there have been others, as the prophet Daniel foretold, who would try to fulfill the prophecies and objectives of the Antichrist but would ultimately fail because the time was not yet at hand. These ‘random’ archetypes especially have cropped up during this age between the first and second comings of Christ, which we call the Age of Grace. Jesus had said that there would be many False Messiahs and Christ’s who would offer salvation to the world in their own name. Examples of these archetypes which are among the profiles offered are Constantine, Charlemagne, Pope Urban II, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles the V, Napoleon and Adolph Hitler. Each one of these, as well as others along the historical path of antichrist, exhibit some of the essential characteristics and attributes of the Antichrist person/leader as well as some finer more subtle dimension of the Antichrist spirit which will be part of the ingredients used by Antichrist to deceive the world in the days ahead.

One final point. A few matters run common throughout the personal history of most all those who have had Antichrist inclinations and aspirations. They are: unification, false religion, deification, military genius, charismatic charm and political innovation. Those figures who misunderstood or neglected obsessing and promoting these tools of Antichrist aggression have not come nearly as close to fulfilling the vision of the Antichrist as those who did pay heed to these essential methods of the antichrist spirit that wants only world dominion and must ultimately demand the worship of all mankind.

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