Beware the S.N.A.R.E.
    Flee from a World of sin
    The Pride of life
    Ego Ought not Eclipse Son
    Mortify Your Earthly Members
















































Sin is that which is in opposition to God, knowingly or otherwise. Continued opposition to God triggers the process that inevitably ends in descent into perdition, unless reversed. Sin and its resultant opposition courts disaster, disaster breeds defeat, defeat leads to our demise and demise is death. Death is produced like a product rolling off an automated factory line, produced one step, one procedure, one act at a time by the technicians of sin of The Flesh, The World and The Demonic. The product at the end of the line is 'The Second Death’ - something no person desires, if they only knew what it really entails. If the Second Death is what our life has produced we are wrapped and imprisoned by death - body, soul and spirit - in solitary confinement in the pit, forever. Unabated by the mercy of God, sin develops in every person by the forces weighing upon them. Sin naturally leads in a methodical logical way to the irreversible death. Death’s second demand is the all-conclusive judgment. If Second Death has no claim on our soul then we shall live. If Second Death owns us then we are doomed. No one should want this for anyone. We like sheep have all gone astray. Each man drifts into his own depravity, shaped and formed by his own personal sin, that personal sin which he, and he alone must take responsibility for allowing to take shape and come into reality. This potential for sin finds root in us when we listen to the voices of opposition which are working and grinding away in unholy combination upon our soul and spirit - The Flesh, The World and The Demonic. Sin becomes actualized when the hearer of the voices of sin puts them into practice and they become realities. Jesus' half-brother James put it this way - "every man is tempted, when he is drawn away by his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, brings forth death." In other words: the voices speak to tempt us, when we allow ourselves to be enticed into going along with them our lust gives them birth and when sin is born it is given life and that living presence of the cancer of sin produces death. We are first drawn away by the tempting voices speaking to our general lust for all things that are self and selfish.
       The Antichrist spirit seeks to win a stronghold on us and in us. The voices of sin as antichrist agents are at work night and day for the singular purpose of drawing us to sin so we are separated from God. These agents are focused like no man can be. The voices of sin are in collusion with the antichrist spirit at all times. They do not sleep or rest. When sin is sown in us the Antichrist Spirit reaps the fruit by creating in man reliance and faith in antichrist ways. Antichrist is able to use these three primary foes, which are always at enmity with God, to channel sin into us and thereby gain dominance and power over our lives and actions. Sin is a desperate thing. It breeds only desperados. We are in a desperate way. The only one able to resist sin's power successfully in our behalf is God; Jesus the only man who successfully withstood every onslaught and never gave in to the voices of sin. Jesus said take hope because I have overcome the World. We know He overcame the temptations of Satan in the wilderness and ultimately when he trod up the hill to the Cross. He washes the power of sin and the works of our flesh away when we dunk under His life giving blood which He shed for the forgiveness of man's sin. We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us - if we will let Him be our champion and Savior. He has bought us with a price and we are no longer our own, as Gods Word teaches us. We do not belong to ourself, but are His, as long as we accept His atoning blood for our personal sin.
        The three realms and voices of sin, when not overcome by Christ in a person makes that person continually available for Antichrist use and will lead to destruction of a soul. The Antichrist spirit counts on sin being sown in man. These voices of sin dictate our actions, they are the effective go-betweens that mortgage our soul and give Satan ownership of our immortal spirit. This reality of sin in a people insures that they will share his fate. These influences have powerful voices, unrelenting in their persuasion and doctrines (The Flesh, The World and The Demonic). Each has a different doctrine, a separate field of influence and a dark and high dais from which its preaching may be heard in our soul. Each has a source and an elaborate sound system of its own, uniquely spiritual and entirely its own style. Each voice communes with the subject in a personal way. We all come to hear and obey, though we may not give the voices names or identify them exactly the moment they are speaking to our heart, but they make themselves known and heard, often in a subconscious sort of way. But this should not make us believe they are not extremely effective in their power to persuade. This trio of sin comprises the original wireless system, always present and constantly broadcasting across or through any earthly material substance: stone brick, iron, clay, lead, water, flesh and blood – you name it. They are broadcast in ‘sound waves’ (if you will) audible to the spiritual ear, but audible nonetheless, make no mistake. They work in conjunction under Satanic urgings to advance the cause of the Antichrist spirit in the heart and soul of every man, woman and child. A brief introductory discussion of the three voices of sin is provided below.

The Flesh is the voice of our self, our ego. It voices such things as our fears, faithless doubts, unbelief and mistrusting accusations against God. It encourages our thirst and lust for the tactile, material things of this vain and fading 'reality'. The flesh, believing fanatically that this is the only path to happiness through the pleasures of flesh and the belly, will do anything to procure them and hold on to the free flow of their delights. Why else would the boudoirs and casinos be open all night, why would the donut shops be on every street corner, or the fitness centers, beauty shops, sports stadiums and doctors offices be doing a land office business? The Flesh lies to us about what happiness is, telling us that our flesh holds the key to a full and gratifying life. But the flesh is more than this.
      The flesh is our ego, our self, and all things conducted about self as the number one concern in the universe. We do not have to think about it, this love of self comes with the suit of flesh we all must put on. It acts like some kind of weird super-hero's charmed suit with the power to convince us that the supply of all our carnal needs is necessary for success and happiness in life. We respect and rely on this suit of flesh and try to shape it and forge it into impenetrable armor like costumes of Spider man or Batman. This suit of flesh always has an argument against God. God says we should care more for the spirit than our own flesh. Man can only know and have his nature fulfilled by having his spiritual needs addressed and redressed so one can be filled with the good things of God, so that true happiness and fulfillment of nature can then be forthcoming.

The Flesh is part of us and we use it to connect with the world and negotiate deals with it. Unlike the Flesh, the World is not part of us but it is always around us. We walk in it. We press flesh with it, joust with it, plead with it, long to belong to it. It speaks to us through the five senses of the Flesh. We are indebted to it because it gives us experience and knowledge. It teaches us how it works, and works on us about how we should fit into it and promises to provide us with all our fleshly and earthly needs if we will play by its rules. It arrogantly tells us that it is our provider and caretaker and we should not bite the hand that feeds us. The Antichrist lives in the World and tries to subdue the World as a hunter might subdue a beast to hunt his prey. Antichrist uses the world as an object of the flesh's lust to make man captive to the devices of sin, which sin's greatest object is to keep man separated from God. God says of the World, "Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean thing, and I will be your God and you will be my children." The Bible would call the World's gospel, humanism, if the term hand been coined at that time. The World peddles its own brand of love, quite generic. It must be approved by man and lately is closely identified with political correctness, wishful thinking of every sort and self intoxication. It glorifies one thing and touts the opposite. For example, competition is applauded in athletics and mandated in academics and the job market and then belittled by the progressive politics of the day. Despite God’s open declaration that the world is a transient and false suitor of Man, the voice of the World insists that it is the real path to happiness and without compliance and full acquisition Man’s life is doomed to failure, his happiness out the window. So every man and woman reaches for the brass ring according to standards set by the world for if one does not belong to the world and play by its rules then we are relegated to a pariah status, with no chance of happiness. Everyone is told they must have a place to belong and belonging begins with compliance to the World's precepts. The Bible tells its believers that they should think of themselves as sojourners who do not have a place in the World. They don’t belong, but cry to God, “Please O' God, Don’t be long!. Come and take us to our heavenly home, a place built without hammers and saws of man, but by your hands, dear God." The world constantly berates anyone who does not want to pay the price of membership as a citizen of the World. Who can become detached? Even though God says to strive to be separated from the World into his church (Ekklesia: Church, meaning, the separated ones). He’s says this is when He becomes our God and we His sons and daughters. The World is a prostitute calling us to come live with it in fornication and adultery. It might not be so, except God has said that we are to come about, be separate and live with Him in the Spirit and not cozy up to the World which only seduces and lies to win us away from the will of God and godliness in general. The World has its own ways, self devised by disciples who are its devotees. The World has its own vision of righteousness that does not conform to God’s ideas, nor does the World care to conform to God. The World is the Antichrist’s podium and loves to provide that pulpit for him. The World is exactly like the classic friend in the world who pretends to be my friend, but really has a hidden agenda to use me for his own selfish end. The World wants to own me, dominate me and lead me into the iron grip of the Antichrist of which the World is such an integral part. The World is the Antichrist dais, his stage, even his microphone and ultimately his institution and seat of power. It should be no surprise that Revelation 13 symbolically depicts the person of the Antichrist rising out of the sea of mankind. The World is the seductress luring us into his waiting strangle hold so he can keep us prisoner til doom's day.

The Demonic voice is more subtle than the other two in which it is in both competition and collusion. Often it disguises itself as a proponent of the Flesh or a good citizen of the spirit of World. It often has mimicked the voice of God and puts on the tone of an ‘angel of light’. It’s the real life Wizard of Oz hiding behind a curtain of fabulous falsity imposing their promises of anything and everything to anyone whether they are listening or not. Whatever suits its purpose, for the Demonic voices are cleverer by far than the other discordant voices trying to lure Man away from God. Satan and his demons are the brains behind the operation to build a mighty stronghold in a person, keeping them from God and persuading them that this is the only avenue open to them to fulfill their true natures. The Flesh is the initial connection by which Antichrist destiny can reach in and make openings in the soul of a person. The World is the hook, man is seduced by her glitter and the supply she offers for the craving of empirical things and the ingesting of the food that nourishes the carnal earthly five senses. Demonic voices give power and meaning to the delusions of the other two voices. They are the liars, the doctrinaires, the demonic voices are the priests of sin to justify carnality and ordain it as wisdom of life. Demon voices back us with powerful teachings and proven experience that the lures of this life and its voices work, fulfill and give pleasure to the soul. They tempt us in the spiritual realm to believe lies and to defy the declared ways of God which have been established since the world began.
       These voices work in conjunction with one another to connect, seduce and empower every man and woman in the Antichrist way. We are connected by our falling into sin through the lusts of the flesh, the eyes and the pride of life. Our guilt encourages us to throw our lot in with the world because our guilt seeks justification. We are justified by belonging to the crowd. Can everyone be wrong, argues the flesh. With these things being ingrained, woven, and transfused into our life’s blood the Antichrist gains not a foothold, but a stronghold in a person. It begins right from the get go. (The idea of ‘original sin’ not withstanding we shall not get into this dubious and troublesome doctrine here, but maybe at some other place and time.) The Bible answers our efforts to justify ourselves with this comment, “This one thing I know. God has created man upright but he has sought out many inventions.” These voices not only promote but they suggest and serve the soul of man with ideas and notions for these inventions, the inventions of other ways that are not God’s ways.

Under the heading of the three separate voices of sin is assembled a group of articles each one addressing an aspect of the realities and manifestations of issues related to that voice. For example, among the articles under the heading of The Flesh is: Our Ego ought not to Eclipse the Son and Flee From Sin: in the section on The World is a series of articles entitled Conflict of the Ages; under Satanic appears articles such as, The Satanic Shell Game and Visits from Satan. These are worth reading and understanding for they tell us how sin enters into man and makes a nest within the soul of a person.