"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
    And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."

Table of Contents

Act I: The Beginning

            1. Creation, Adam and Eve, The Flood

Act II: The Three Main Characters

            1. The Nations

            2. The Spirit of Empire

            3. The Chosen Nation

            4. The Ultimate Salvation of Israel

                And the Time of the Gentiles

Act III: The Beast

            1. The Colossus of Empire

            2. Babylon: The Head of Gold

            3. Persia: Chest and Arms of Silver
            4. Greece: Belly and Thighs of Brass

            5. Rome: Legs of Iron/Feet of Clay

 Act IV: The Latter Days

            1. Our Hero Appears

            2. Age of Comp. North vs. South
            3. East Roman Empire vs. Islam
            4. Holy Roman Emp. vs. Ottoman Emp.

            5. The British Empire

            6. The United States: "Raiser of Taxes"

 Act V: The End Times

            1. The Signs of the End

            2. The Fig Tree Buds: Israel Reborn
            3. The Antichrist and the Ten Kings

            4. The King of the South

            5. Russia and Its Hordes

 Act VI: The 70th Week

            1. The Rapture

            2. Antichrist's Covenant with Israel

            3. The Abomination of Desolation:                               Pivotal Point in 70th Week

            4. The End: Most Holy is Anointed

            5. The Book of Revelation:

                The Tribulation in Detail

 Act VII: Redemption

            1. The Millennium

            2. God All, in All




























Witness of Stars: Above all a prophetic message.
     Many men and women have done wonderful studies of the 'Witness of the Stars', most, if not all however have fallen prey to a mistake that many prophetic teachers make. In their haste to enthusiastically present prophetic truths they make needless assumptions which undermine and detract from the wonders of God's word. In the case of the witness of the constellations and the zodiacal signs they either find it necessary or presumptuously have concluded that Adam, Seth, Methuselah, Shem and all god-fearing people either knew the whole story of salvation and how it would unfold or could know it. This is not only unnecessary but far from the way prophetic things have always worked. Hardly ever (if ever) has anyone known how something prophesied would come to pass. The stars are a depiction of the course of redemption and salvation, but it was not even closely understood until Jesus, the true Messiah and Savior came into the world. We are told that he revealed these mysteries at his coming, mysteries that had been hidden since before the world began. No one, not Adam, Seth, Elijah, David or anyone, knew there would be a first and a second coming or even thought the stars depicted this reality. No one knew there would be a general Rapture of faithful believers until God reported on this mystery through His servant Paul, even though it was depicted in the stars. The details of the witness of the stars was a conglomerate of mysteries revealed to man over time as they could be understood and as it served God's purpose of salvation and redemption. Only the most fundamental truth was known in the beginning, i.e. that the Savior would come and redeem man. Slowly one sign of the Zodiac, one or two constellations' meanings were understood at a time. Elijah knew he was going to be raptured but he didn't know where or how. Just as the understanding of Daniel is a sign that the end is upon us, so understanding all of the symbolism of the Witness of the Stars is a sign that we have reached the end of the story of redemption. Those who did yeomen work in reporting on the efficacy of the stars have missed this vital point which gives final punctuation to their witness. The symbol of Cassiopeia, representing the Bride of Christ stands as the great symbol of the final understanding of the witness of the stars. Even Bullinger and his contemporaries were baffled at the witness of the Bride. It is not until very recently, as we enter the 21st century that the mystery of Cassiopeia's constellation has come clear. She represents the 'great mystery of Christ and the Church', which is both Jew and Gentile all those circumcised in heart. She is His adorned and perfect wife. Prophesy is always revealed in its own time and in time. God's people are prepared by prophecy's knowledge in its moment and in its own time. For prophecy is distributed discretely by the Spirit to give understanding to faithful believers so they are not deceived and dragged into perdition by Satan, the World or the Flesh. Witness of Stars: Book Review


A new start atop Mount Ararat.

Creation, Adam and Eve
& The End of the Beginning


 “For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.
For as in Adam all die; even so in Christ shall all be made alive.”
1 Cor. 15:21-22


            Make no mistake; God has never given anyone the impression, nor do the Scriptures teach it, that creation began with Adam. Satan had dominion over this planet (Isaiah 11 and Ezekiel 28) long before Man was formed out of the clay. Though not chronicled in detail, Scripture establishes as fact Satan's rebellion against God. Lucifer was the celebrated Cherubim of God and Prince of the Earth, who had been given it by God as his own jewel, but his rebellion brought destruction and catastrophe to his world. There should be no dispute that God's creation is eternal, having no end and no beginning. Creation, that is, Creation with a capital C, did not and could not have begun with Adam.
The heavens and the earth were originally created and formed eons ago. The angels had been with God long before the foundations of the world were laid. This is clear and not to be denied, except by foolish Evangelicals who only run the risk of shaming the church by their stubborn, obstinate fears about the stupidity of Darwinism and nonsensical, conjectural fantasies and evolutionary humanistic theologies. Our bibles read: In the beginning, but this is not right on. It is better styled: To begin with… God is a doer and is not credible to think that He was sitting around on His hands for previous eternity doing nothing infinitely until He decided to wake up and create man. That way of thinking gives great drown to dumbness, places a jester’s hat atop the head of the Church whenever asserted by stick in the mud dillweeds.

Obviously, it was the catastrophic rebellion of Satan that made the earth uninhabitable and void, and it was the subsequent intervention of God that returned the earth to a replenished, new garden-like place, perfectly suited to the new inhabitant, Man. Prior to creating the sun and the moon and the stars, the Elohim (plural) had said let there be light and the light shown over the earth. I repeat that light was not the sun. It hadn’t even been created yet. If that light was not the light of the sun then what was it? Obviously it was the light that lights every man that comes into the world – that’s right! Jesus. The Elohim, of which Jesus is a part, summoned Jesus to restore light out of darkness that had been shrouded over the earth by the spirit of the fallen Cherubim, Satan. This new creature was placed in his sweet and plush surroundings called the Garden of Eden (around the Tigris - Euphrates Rivers) and given it for his delight. Genesis 2 Neolithic Man, the dinosaurs and the rest, including the men of the cave drawings in Africa and such – well – those may be from a day gone by when Satan genetically engineered his own weird hybrid animals and creatures, tried to ‘create’ something in the form of himself – as God when the Trinity created Adam perfectly, (in our own image, or ‘image’ of which The Father, Son and Holy Ghost approved.

Satan apparently succeeded in engineering hybrids like himself – deformed, monstrous and predatory, pure products of his dark, dark soul, machines of horrific sin and destruction. Is it any wonder that Satan first appears in the Bible in the Garden as a reptile, albeit, beautiful? He even had feet. It was part of the judgment that he would lick the dust from which Adam had been formed. After all, he was the anointed cherub of God. It seems the age of the dinosaurs, large lizards and reptiles, was his disturbed conception of something amazing and desirable, so deluded is his perception of himself. We don’t know if they were the last straw in Satan’s rebellion or if he was preparing them in an attempt to retake the earth, or something along those lines, or how and why God stepped in and demolished the earth by a rain of fire and brimstone and volcanic eruptions, even the scientists lean toward that as the cause of the demise of the giant monsters that once ruled this planet.   

            What we do know, if the dunder-heads of frightened theology will allow, is that the Bible doesn’t have to be translated “In the beginning”, it can just as easily read, “To start with”, or “let’s begin our story here”. One thing is certain, an eternal God, who has no death in him but only life and eternity, with infinity, was not playing checkers or sleeping for all previous eternity until he came up with the brainstorm to create a habitable planet and a man. This belief and insistence is infantile. God had many other things going on of which he may or may not let us in on when this novel project is completed and we are at home with him. But for now, we are on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. And why not, it requires that we trust him for all our information and understanding. That’s the way he likes it. So he starts us off with pertinent information to us: our story, man’s saga. That’s the correct place to begin so that we can understand that it is our story which we are in and the one he is trying to relate to us throughout the Bible. That is why prophecy takes on the importance that it does. He has told us the story in the Bible and laid it out from beginning to end. This is why the story of mankind can be liked to a “Redemption Play” scripted out before production begins.


The Curtain rises with the Birth of Man

So it is only natural that the curtain should rise on the birth of true man, and not any of the scrappy works of the deranged Devil. The Bible begins to relate Man's story at the beginning with the creation of Adam and Eve as told in the first few chapters of Genesis.  Again, God does not concern us with things before Adam; he tells us only that His Spirit passed over a world that was void and without form, and that he turned the earth into a place fit for habitation. It was without form and void, but it was a world, or had been a world.  God tells us that, by His own hands he formed Adam from the clay of the earth, and Eve because God thought, "It is not good that the man should be alone", was formed from one of Adam's ribs. God did this in the angels’ sight (fallen and loyal), not engineering man but creating him out of the very soil and earth that had once belonged to the rebellious one. God and only God has the power to create; Satan looked on jealous, infuriated and, though shameless, shamed. God does not say how long the two lived in the Garden of Eden; he only tells us they lived in harmony with Him until they disobeyed Him and fell into sin's terrible grip.

After the fall of Adam and Eve, God made certain prophecies - more in the form of proclamations - regarding Man’s destiny to give man hope.  These promises sit at the very foundation of all meaningful history and remain, even today, at the root of redemption's conflicts and what is rightly termed, The Conflict of The Ages Intro. To understand God's plan for Mankind we must be aware of his initial promises to Adam and Eve because they were not made to them alone, but as parents of us all they are prophecies given to all. Because they did not believe God, and instead believed His enemy (Satan), God pronounced judgment on Adam and Eve and their seed. The woman would be sorrowful while bringing forth her children and would be ruled over by her husband.  Adam would be cast out of the beautiful Garden where everything was freely given him. Instead of living in the lap of luxury he now, by the sweat of his brow and constant toil, would struggle for his very survival. The Scriptures tell us that the ground was cursed for Man's sake. We don’t think of it in that way, that it was cursed as a blessing for us, but it was God hoped that it would keep Man mindful of the truth that they must trust Him for everything, even for something as basic as food.  From the dust was Adam created and to the dust he would return.  So death was introduced and the quest to regain life became a matter of faith, of trust, and of repentance. Here is one of the first lessons of understanding prophecy and its purpose. What seems to be true is exposed as being just the opposite often by the judgments and conclusions we draw when prophecy is fulfilled. Prophecy is ironic and sublime and exposes the hidden mysteries of God’s purpose and the consistency of His goals. It often is the very opposite of how we think it should be done or the way we would prefer. Prophecy always rejoices in and promotes the Truth. Prophecy is long suffering in its drive to fulfillment. God’s plan will not fail to be fulfilled.

      Judgment was also pronounced on the serpent, Satan.  To Satan God prophesied, I will "put enmity between you [Satan] and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel." Gen. 3.15 This great promise, while prophesying a great fight between Man and Satan, promised from the very outset that Man would be redeemed. In short, after the fall God had promised that the disobedient Adam and Eve would live out their days in toil and pain, so the necessity of depending on God would be crystal clear for all generations to follow. If Adam and Eve wanted to live a happy and good life they would have to turn back to God with their whole heart; they would have to fully trust Him, put faith in His love and lay complete hope in His promises.  It was further warned, that the conflict of life would be fought in the open arena of Man's free will pitting God's truth and love against Satan's lies and selfishness. The souls and hearts of men would be the stakes.  Realizing this declaration is the beginning of understanding God's quintessential history: Man's free will to choose between The Creator or that rebel Satan is the crucible in which burns eternal life; a crucible in which each heart is tested and weighed, the dross burned off and eternal life regained or forever lost.


An Uncluttered History

            It is typical of God's irony that Satan appeared in the Garden as a serpent. Does it point to the bridge between the Age of Man (called the Age of Mammals in today's science) and the Age of Satan (called the Age of Reptiles)?  Satan surely viewed Man as a usurper of his authority and a robber of his possession Earth, but the ‘father of all lies’, as he is called in Scripture, also saw Adam as a potential pawn in his much more important rebellion against God. Satan first tried to woo Man away from God - as he will always try to do - but once God intervened by slaying an innocent animal to cover his shame and sin to give them symbolic promises of redemption, Satan immediately put into motion a counter-plan designed to undermine and thwart the Will of God and His Plan. Satan's strategy would be simple. Confuse, frustrate and in anyway upset God's Plan. Then, he could not only destroy Man but in the process he could also prove God unable to keep His word and therefore incompetent to rule over Creation.


 Adam to Noah

            The world between the time of Adam and the Flood, which left only Noah and his family, was different in many ways from the world after the Flood.  Before the Flood a gentle mist moistened crops - it had never rained on earth until the day of the Flood - and people lived in agricultural communities and tribal villages. Police forces and central governments crouched off stage, their entrance not to be cued until after the intermission of the Flood and the beginning of Act 2 when the Spirit of Empire would barge on to the world stage. Scripture gives no indication that a united rebellion by Man - in the way it later happened at Babel - was ever in the works. But despite the testimony of Adam, his sons and other descendants of faith the world grew thoroughly and completely corrupt. Mythology claims that giants called Nephalim in the Bible were man-eaters, monsters who terrorized the world with violence. They were actual demigods the offspring of fallen angels who had taken on flesh and cohabited with women. It was an evil mis. Every man's hands became drenched in bloodshed, evil went unchecked, sin ruled the day. But still, the promises of salvation made to Adam and Eve were handed on to Seth, their third son, and especially to Methuselah, who as the first "priest" of God lived 969 years, dying just days before the Flood began. For a millennium, Methuselah passed on God's promises to each generation, then one person in particular, Noah's son Shem, became his "successor".

            All the while an even larger witness was universally active each and every night working to educate man of God's sweet promise of redemption. During that 1,000 years, while the earth was being populated, the promise of Man's redemption was relayed not only orally by Methuselah, but, before the advent of the written word it was "written" in the stars. The twelve signs of the zodiac, to be read starting with Virgo and ending with Leo, declared the glory of God for all men everywhere to see and study. The story handed down by Adam told of the coming one, the seed and his trials, His conquering of Satan and His victorious reign of perfection with the saints. The work of E.W. Bullinger, entitled "Witness of the Stars" (as well as many other authors) details this magnificent truth, proving that God gave Adam this story of redemption, and how it was passed down to every culture and branch of Mankind. (See Witness of Stars; A Prophetic Message note in sidebar.) But the world - despite the fact that Adam and his son, Seth, and the "priest" Methuselah, still lived to tell first hand of God's love and mercy - grew increasingly violent and faithless. The fruit of eating from the tree of knowledge exacted a hard price on the seed of Man. Men had early on started to call upon the name of the Lord (Gen. 4:26) and to pray for His benefaction, but men, seeing evil as an apparent easy benefit, chose evil and pleasure above faith and trust in their Father. Satan leaped into the breach exploiting Man's lust and foolish rejection of God by encouraging some of the fallen angels to take on the form of flesh. Gen. 6 & Jude.6 The progeny of these evil spirits were demigods, half-men and half-god. These corrupted spiritual beings, mingled with women and corrupted the seed of Mankind trying to produce Satan’s own brand of savior. The bible says these are the renown men of old. (Hence the fables and mythology of beings like Hercules and Prometheus have truth, being rooted in Antediluvian history.) It was the strategy of Satan to infest Man like an alien parasite with demonic heritage so completely that the seed of the women, because of corrupt bloodlines, could never produce the perfect Savior. His plan? No Hero - no Redemption Play - pretty simple plan. Of all Satan's schemes this one to corrupt the seed of the woman came closest to working. The world, we are told, became decadent to the point that God considered scrapping the whole production. Everywhere there was bloodshed and violence and corruption.


            “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

             And it repented the Lord that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

             And the Lord said, I will destroy Man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.” Gen. 6.5-7


            Except for Noah's faith and obedience God might have destroyed Man and everything connected with him. Noah was also uncorrupted by the Nephalim and he was perfect in his seed in all his generations. Apparently there was no seed that had not been corrupted with satanic blood except Noah, at least none that was also righteous in his ways. Nevertheless, the world was so corrupt that God decided to wipe everyone else out, save Noah and his uncorrupted seed; his wife, his three sons, and their wives. The Flood created a fresh start for mankind. The subsequent repopulation of the earth through Noah's family stands at history’s precipice, a new beginning for the world, everyone perfect in their generations and a righteous seed. The old saying, "We’re all in the same boat", is literally true. All races, Negro, Caucasian, Asian, - all of us - emerged from the ark when Noah and his three sons stepped out on to dry land. Every man, woman and child on the face of the planet today share their roots in that boat. Why do we persecute ourselves with bigotry, prejudice and hatred. Every man, woman and child on the planet must be saved, as Noah was by the mercy of God. As a sign of his mercy, God set the rainbow in the sky giving Man the promise of a new start and signaling that "The Redemption Play" was once again under production, the curtain on Act 2 about to go up. In the 2,500 years that followed, from Noah to the Hebrew prophet Daniel, God set about establishing the three great characters of his drama.

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