The humanism of Alexander and the philosophy of Greece are the essential parts of the belly and the thighs of the overall Antichrist Empire. Each successive empire has kept them as part of their political and spiritual life and imperial character. The Helenistic vision of hope for the world and the worship of man is the primary force added to the religion of babylon and the order of Persia and it is the engine that drives the spirit of the Empire. It was Alexander, as its spiritual leader breathing the spirit of humanism into the body and soul of the Empire, that made the Beast come alive. Emperor worship and worship of nation was given a living man who demanded to be deified and worshipped upon his mortal throne. But Alexander was only allowed by God to establish a precedence among the nations of the world. Before the actual and ultimate confrontation between God's Kingdom and Satan's Empire for the worship of man could take place it needed Rome and its progeny to take over the empire and carry it into every corner of the earth. Though Alexander made a genuine run at trying to take over the earth it was not yet time for this will happen only at the very end, which is shortly to come to pass.








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Act 3, Scene 4:

Greece: The Belly

and Thighs of Brass


   “And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west on the face of the

whole earth, and touched not the ground: and the he goat had a notable horn between his eyes.

   And he came to the ram that had two horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power.

   And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with choler against him, and smote the ram,. and brake his two horns: and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, but he cast him down to the ground, and stamped upon him: and there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand.” Dan. 8:5-7


    More than any other, Greece is the empire of a single man, only the Antichrist Empire at the end will be more dependent on its leader. This leader, is more than a leader, he is a "savior", a "god", he is the heartbeat of the Greek Empire, just as the Antichrist will be the heartbeat of the Beast at the end. Having all hope and direction flowing exclusively from the spirit of its demigod leader is the main contribution Greece made in the evolution of the Beast. Because of that, The Redemption Play's next scene opens with a blonde headed boy of nineteen sitting on a throne of brass, surrounded by adoring subjects with the world laying at his feet. The young man is the legendary Alexander the Great, the brass throne speaks of judgment, the throngs around Alexander are the people of the world which he will seduce by his false gospel, and the globe beneath his feet is symbolic of his conquest of the world.

    Daniel's prophecies of Greece are among the most incredible of all history. Much of prophecy is veiled in symbolism and allegory so only the spiritually minded are able to see them; not so with the prophecies about Greece. The Greek conquest of the Persian Empire, the fantastic rise of its great king Alexander, and the sudden splintering of the empire into little parts, is all events clearly foretold by Daniel so that even the most carnal of historians may recognize and marvel at their fulfillment. And because the prophecies about Greece are like the proverbial two-by-four in the donkey's face, the "audience" of Mankind is without excuse if it remains ignorant about the miracle of prophecy. Thus God's symbol for the Grecian Empire: brass.

    In the Scriptures brass is often used to denote judgment. The articles of the Temple relating to sin and repentance were of brass. In Revelation the legs of the glorified Christ, as Judge of the Church, are brass. Likewise the symbol for Greece is brass because the prophecies concerning Greece are a judgment on the accepted view of world history. Clearly understandable for all, the prophecies about Greece and Alexander the Great testify to God's Providence over governments and over the destiny of Man. They are a miraculous alarm alerting the academic world and its historians that God's Word, which revealed the fate of Greece 200 years before it happened, is the one primary source that leads to the understanding of history's fundamental quest: What is it all about? The prophecies about Greece is so dramatic and undeniable that they cry out against the pretensions of worldly history which would make the answer to the quest more complicated than it actually is. These prophecies bewail the folly of any man who shares the antichrist hope that he can be "saved" by some frail mortal from his own sinful ranks. The prophecies of Greece judge the world because the force of their spiritual truth is established in history and men would rather flounder in a sea of confusion looking instead to their own puny understanding of Mankind's destiny.


The Great Conqueror

            The first parts of the prophecies about Greece foretell the takeover of the Median-Persian Empire by Alexander the Great. Chapter 8 of Daniel (verses 5-8) presented the world with this outstanding prophecy over 200 years before it happened. Fittingly the prophecies' fulfillments began violently.

In 336 B.C. Alexander's father, Philip of Macedonia, was assassinated and though the circumstances made his teenage son a prime suspect in the conspiracy he immediately stepped into the breach decisively seizing the reins of power. At once, the greatest whirlwind military and political career in the world's history was launched. Alexander's mother, ever insisting on his divine nature since his birth, spread fables of his divinity and wisdom throughout the city-states of Greece. Already perched to unite behind the late Philip, Greek states enthusiastically threw their legions behind Alexander with a zealousness never before seen among the nations. Within no time Alexander was charging ahead with reckless abandon acting on his ambitions for world conquest. Just as the prophecy had promised, Alexander led a great force of Greeks from out of the west to confront the "two-horned ram" of the Median-Persian Empire and as the prophecy had promised, the he goat (Alexander) crossed the waters at the Hellespont, which separate Europe from Asia Minor, and crushed the armies of Persia. The year was 334 B.C.; and the entire Persian Empire, with all its pomp and wealth, lay prone before a man barely turned twenty years old.

Again prophecy was fulfilled when Alexander (not satisfied with merely ridding his nation of the Persian threat that had for so long threatened Greek independence and sovereignty) insisted on owning the world. Against the will and desire of most of his generals Alexander pursued the Persian King, the symbol of world power and authority. With a devil's obsession he personally stalked the beaten and humiliated king across the expanse of the empire, through cities, into wildernesses, over deserts and into the remote province of Bactria (Afghanistan). Refusing to rest until he destroyed the king personally, Alexander finally came upon the king's rotting corpse in the desert, a victim of assassination by a member of his own family. Alexander had cast down the ram with great fury and within three years all resistance in the Empire had been crushed and "there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand."


Alexander Provided the Spirit for the Beast

Alexander had not only fulfilled prophecy by destroying Persia, but by his personal exploits and charisma he was in the process of creating a spirit in the Beast that would lay the foundation for the Antichrist who would someday sit in God's Temple and proclaim himself to be God. The beasts used to symbolize Greece - revealed in the dreams of chapters 7 and 8 of Daniel - are used in the prophecy because they have the same characteristics of the Antichrist person.

Chapter 7 shows the kingdom as a leopard while chapter 8 sees the man as a he goat with one horn in the middle of its head - a unicorn! The leopard is swift to pounce on its prey and the unicorn is the mystical, legendary beast with supernatural powers; both beastly powers were manifest in Alexander the Great. With the speed and vitality of the leopard and the supernatural power of a unicorn, Alexander captured the entire world. He subdued every opposing army, and as important as any conquest of territory, he captured the world's imagination. Alexander is unequaled even among Antichrist figures for his military genius and his bold charisma. In a meteoric rise, foreshadowing the Antichrist of the end, he took over the known world in a single decade while only in his twenties. So astonishing is his life that the world still worships and marvels at it today, still lingering in the hope and anticipation of the "second coming of Alexander", hoping his successor will bring order and unity to a crisis ridden world. It is the longing for the Antichrist; the false savior. Greece had the gospel; and Alexander had the spiritual power to preach it.

Daniel promised that this coming king would be "very great" and indeed he was. At the height of his power Alexander became increasingly lifted up in his own mind. He even became convinced that he was God. Alexander laid the groundwork for all aspiring antichrists to come when he proclaimed his own deification while on a demonic pilgrimage in Egypt. In 332 B.C. at the age of twenty-four, while in the great pyramid, Alexander was visited by Satan, and the divinity that his mother had claimed for him was confirmed when he was told that he was the son of Amon-Ra, and anointed the "Son of God". Alexander became convinced of his mission to unite and save the world. The "office" of the Antichrist - as the anointed son of Satan - was born in the beast of Greece, this empire of Alexander. To commemorate and establish his coronation as a god Alexander built a Capitol city in Egypt and named it after himself. Alexandria still stands today; a monument to the coming false savior; a beacon of Greek humanism and its preacher and god, Alexander. From then on, this driven Antichrist demanded the worship of his troops and subjects. The soul of the empire had been given by Babylon, Persia had supplied the body and now Greece breathed life into the Beast by giving it a spirit, instead of worshipping mute idols and the work of men's hands, the Empire now worshipped man himself. God was among them!

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The Anti gospel of Humanism

The he goat waxed "very great" and as a false messiah Alexander spread the gospel of Greek humanism across the Empire. His obsession became his personal doctrine of the "Brotherhood of Man", nothing more than a spiritual expression of the conspiracy of the Tower of Babel. Alexander promised that Man could be reconciled to his fellow man regardless of sin, regardless of God's terms, regardless of truth. Man's idea of fairness, justice and unity would rule the day. Alexander not only preached Greek humanism and introduced its philosophy into the Empire, he lived it.

Hoping to begin a new dynasty of a united race, he married Roxana, a Persian Princess and they had a son of mixed blood to represent the uniting of the Persian and Greek worlds. He preached the gospel of Greek reason and the glories of man as if they were God's Word. He set about to indoctrinate and reform the whole earth with Satan's word and Satan's call to unity. Greek mythology belittled God by teaching that the heavens were full of corrupt, lustful, and fickle gods which was actually a true mirror of demon powers instead of godly traits. The defiance of the gods by Man was glorified. The gods were not to be trusted. Greek philosophy taught the world to worship the reason of man. Biology, metaphysics and mathematics were installed as "The Way, The Truth, and The Life".

            Alexander, personally tutored by Aristotle, the guru of Greek philosophy, had been thoroughly schooled in all aspects of Greek culture and life. Satan had carefully prepared his "son" for the calling of the Antichrist. The Greek way of life also glorified militarism, and physical achievement. Philosophically, the individual was a little god unto himself. Athletics, endurance of pain, exploits in battle, were all virtues of manhood. Greek politics subverted God's sovereignty with man-made declarations of freedom and liberty. It was the first expressions of the doctrine of Man's inherent good, that the majority can and will make the right decision. The Greek religion taught that the gods were jealous and vindictive and were not to be trusted. Even though God had declared Adam and his seed to be dead in sin, and in need of God's salvation, Greek philosophy insisted that Man was Man's only hope. The democratic government, with its rule by majority, became Greece's political legacy and served as the forerunner for Alexander's expanded version, "the Brotherhood of Man", where the promise was given to all men that the world would be a fair and secure place for men to follow their own desires and will. It was the first promise of a world government, for the world, of the world, and by the world. The first promise of a "New World Order".

These things made up the belly and the thighs of the Empire. They are the power and the spirit of the Empire. And it was Alexander, as its spiritual leader breathing the spirit of humanism into the body and soul of the Empire, that made the Beast come alive. But the time for the actual Antichrist and the ultimate confrontation between God's Kingdom and Satan's Empire had not yet come. Instead it soon became time for Greece and their Antichrist leader to be judged according to the prophecy in Daniel.


    Therefore the he goat waxed very great and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of the heavens. Dan. 8.8


        Alexander's greatness swelled to enormous proportions in the few short years of his life. He took over the Persian Empire, Egypt, and subdued the Far East, all the way to India. By the time he was 32 he was master of the world, its declared god and its savior; but at the pinnacle of his career, at the height of his strength, he was broken. While planning a sea voyage for further conquests, Alexander was suddenly stricken with a fever at Babylon and died, at the age of 33. It was again an ironic judgment; the man that had declared himself god in Egypt had been judged in the height of his glory in the place where the conspiracy of Empire all began, in the religious Capital, Babylon.

Alexander's death came so suddenly and early that he had no time to prepare an heir. His only son was still a baby and his empire was not solidified enough to hold together without his personal antichrist influence. His powerful generals rushed to seize control of their own armies securing little empires of their own. The great horn was broken; and now, just as the prophecy had said, the kingdom was blown to the four winds.

Map 6 shows both the world empire of Alexander and its fragmentation after his death. The prophecy told that the empire would not go to the posterity of its antichrist leader and that is exactly what happened. Alexander was cut down, his only son murdered, and the dreams of a "Brotherhood of Man", Alexander's political Tower of Babel, were scattered, like the empire, to the four winds. As promised, four notable generals cornered their own areas - a fifth king back in Macedonia, soon gave way to his father in Asia Minor who was one of the four - and through these four kingdoms the gospel and culture of Greece continued to rule in the earth. For the next two hundred years these little competing Greek" empires infested all the cultures of the Empire with humanism. Babylon had given the Empire its soul, Persia had conceived its body, and now Greece had given it spirit and hope by providing it with a glimpse into the type of doctrines it should have and the kind of Man who would someday come to lead it. The body, soul and spirit of the Colossus of Empire were fully formed and joined together. Now the Beast was ready, its belly full with the lessons of all three who came before it, ready to walk into all the earth complete with its false religion, centralized system of control and gospel of humanism. Enter the legs of the Beast: Rome.
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