The standard of the Empire down through the entire age enduring to this day as the symbol of the scepter holder, The United States. It is an indicator of the continuity and ongoing existence of the Roman Empire in one form or another throughout the Age of Grace, that time between the first and second comings of Christ.

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Daniel 11: Major prophecy looking down the whole
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The Redemption Play tracks the Rise and Fall of the Antichrist and God's plan of redemption.


Many Christians still hold the mistaken notion that history is a boring and useless subject. They don't see its relevance. What they fail to understand is that much of the Bible is history and that God's idea of all meaningful history is nothing less than fulfilled prophecy. Chapter 11 of Daniel is the best example of this in all of Scripture. It is a brisk and explosive venture into the history of western civilization and the competition between nations to hold rule over God's Holy City, Jerusalem. This concise and awesome chapter in Daniel is a bird's eye view of the Antichrist Empire and its continuing attempts to dominate the world and unite mankind m rebellion against their Creator. Chapter 11 is, as our pop culture might put it; history with a bullet. Like a dying man seeing his entire life pass before him in an instant, so this wonderful chapter gives the end-times believer all one needs to know about the history of the Antichrist in a single bold stroke. Forty per cent (the first 19 verses of this 46 verse chapter) of its prophecy has already been fulfilled, and is therefore history. The 20th verse was essentially fulfilled in ’08 with the collapse of the United States economy resulting in her fall from supremacy as world leader. These fulfilled things stand as testimonies that the final 26 verses, which have to do with the Antichrist reign, will certainly be fulfilled shortly, by the "vile person", as Daniel labels him. These prophecies about the Antichrist loom in the near future, are upon us in this very hour – perched for our study as contemporary history waiting to happen. ...


Antichrist History
in Bullet Form:
To Armageddon and
the return of Christ

Daniel 11 is the story of the conflict among the nations during the entire Age of the Gentiles, or Age of Grace. This great prophecy looks down the tunnel of time, over 2,000 years of history, to trace the ebb and flow of two prophetic superpowers that were destined to butt heads for centuries, until the North finally overcomes the other, the South. Halfway through the chapter, the prophecy settles on the "Little Horn" (the Antichrist person himself) and speaks of a time when the Antichrist Empire is finally ‘fused together’ and united under his rule into a behemoth of strength which can dominate the Globe. It concludes with the Antichrist’s desperate wars at the end and his ultimate defeat at the return of Christ. Here, in relatively few verses, is recorded all the prophetically significant political movements and imperialistic wars during this ‘Time of the Gentiles’. Throughout the Time of the Gentiles God has kept the Antichrist kingdom on "ice" by keeping it divided from within. Because the Beast’s power is so great, God ensured that this awesome monster was kept in check by allowing a rival empire of comparable power and status to compete against it. That empire is the spirit prince of the South. Daniel calls him the ‘king of the south’ and while it refers to a man or a kingdom it should also be understood that it is ruled by spirit princes. (Previous dreams and visions of Daniel have showed us this truth.) World domination and possession of men’s souls has always been the high stakes. The prized possession and focus of the spiritual battle has never been as men have supposed it to be. It is not who controlled the breadbasket of the earth. It is not who ruled the seas. It is not which empire had the control of the world economy or who dominate militarily. Though those things were important and necessary to achieve the goal, but they were never the focus, which is and has always been spiritual. The spirits who reign over these empires, controlling and influencing their leaders and peoples, have always known that the true prize and the real power rested in the hands of the kingdom that controlled Jerusalem and, specifically, the temple site. Without control of the temple it would be impossible to fulfill the vision of the Antichrist, which is man becoming God in God's temple. Here and only here can dominion over the soul be gained. While men have often been ignorant of its significance, these spirit princes know that whoever controls the place where God has centered His promises, where the conflict between creature and Creator must ultimately be settled, will be able to command the worship of all mankind. God has said that His Son will be worshipped from His throne in Jerusalem - His Holy City. Satan wants to usurp God's power, enthrone his "son" and win the worship of mankind. Nothing else will do. This is the goal of Satan; the Beast and the reason for their kingdom.

The competition between North and South has always been focused on the navel of the earth, Jerusalem. North vs. South competition has been in full gear for more than 1500 years since the final dissolution of the Italian Roman Empire and its division into East and West. The competitor of this partly strong and partly weak divided Rome is the ancient spirit of Egypt. The prince of Rome controls the King of the North and the spirit prince of Egypt controls the King of the South. Like spiritual amoeba these empires of North and South have changed form and direction, their seats of authority being moved from one nation to another, but as an amoeba, they remain essentially the same, they are still the same spiritual principalities of Rome and Egypt. The spirit of the South was born in Egypt thousands of years ago. It is the same Egypt that Moses confronted with the staff of God. In the end this spirit of Egypt will have gone full circle returning to the land of the Pharaohs where it will become the nemesis of the Beast and stall its plan to steal the hearts of all mankind from the Creator.

Summary of Chapter 11

After the division of Rome, Jerusalem lay in ruins for many years inhabited by shepherds, sheep, poor Jews and Arabs. In 622 A.D.; however, the king of the South suddenly became the dominant force in the Holy Land due to the supernatural rise of Islam. A few centuries later Islam's successor, the Turks (the Ottoman Empire) transformed the South into a full and cohesive force in much the same way that Persia had added body and substance to the Antichrist kingdom. For 1,300 years the South, under Ottoman rule, held jurisdiction over the Holy Land; the only break was during the brief and fragile success of the king of the North's First Crusade. The South's control was not ended until World War I when the Ottoman Empire, weak and crumbling from within, gave way to the armies of Great Britain which marched triumphantly through the gates of Jerusalem in November of 1917. After centuries and centuries of frustration, Great Britain's annexation of the Holy Land marked the return of the Antichrist Empire to the Promised Land. It also marked the beginning of the end of the Time of the Gentiles, because it was destined by prophecy to be quickly followed by the return of the Jews and their sovereign control of Israel, the sure sign of the beginning of the end for the Gentiles and the Age of the Latter Days.

Daniel 11 shows that the coming of the Antichrist and his end-time empire comes on the heels of this northern resurgence and the subsequent return of the Jews to the Promised Land. Even with the return of the Jews to their home the Antichrist and the Roman influence remain a strong and manipulative force in Israel, today, and right up to the very end. The reassertion of the Roman influence in the Holy Land during the last hours is detailed in Daniel 11 giving an account of the Antichrist's campaigns and his great deceit targeted at the Jew and God. By flattery and force, by bribery and betrayal the Antichrist will convince unholy Jews that he is their friend and finally their Messiah and "god" .

Revival of “South”
Foretold in Daniel 11

''And the king of the South shall be strong, and one of his princes; and he shall be strong above him, and have dominion; and his dominion shall be a great dominion.Vs 5

The first four verses of chapter 11 review the transition of power from Persia to Greece, and the scattering of Alexander the Great's kingdom into the four winds. Verse five then alludes to Alexander's foremost general, Ptolemy, who, after Alexander's death, seized the sagging kingdom of Egypt and revived its former power and greatness. In the process Ptolemy and Egypt gained control of the Promised Land, keeping it for 120 years until 200 B.C. just as Daniel 11:5 had prophesied. The Ptolemy Dynasty began in 323 B.C. in Egypt and stood as one of the greatest dynasties the world has ever seen. Lasting 293 years it spanned 14 unbroken generations. Ptolemy's dynasty was used to resurrect the might of the South in preparation for the Time of the Gentiles and did not meet its end until 30 B.C. when Augustus Caesar executed the son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, Ptolemy XIV.
    The South was being prepared to compete against the Northern Kingdom of the Antichrist, ironically, by one from out of its own ranks: a Greek dynasty. The Ptolemy dynasty was of Greek blood, Ptolemy reputed to be the half-brother of Alexander and bastard son of Philip of Macedonia. Ptolemy, in Egypt, and the other generals of Alexander baptized all parts of the Southern Kingdom in the spirit of the Antichrist. Ptolemy sought to spread Greek humanism throughout the empire and endeavored to make Alexandria the Capitol of Greek culture. What had been started by Alexander, to baptize the world in one spirit of humanism, was accomplished by the splitting up of the Empire into little feuding neo-Greek empires. But while they were all partaking of the same spirit of the Antichrist they were not working together in unison. Instead they were competing for power. In essence, Ptolemy was used by God to unwittingly defect from the Antichrist Kingdom to instruct and revive the South so it could later turn on the Antichrist North.

Satan's Unifying Plan Foiled

"And in the end of years they shall join themselves together [north-south], for the kings daughter of the south [Cleopatra] shall come to the king of the north [Julius Caesar] to make an agreement: but she shall not retain the power of the arm: but she shall be given up and they that brought her [Pompey an Caesar], and he that begat her (Ptolemy), and he that strengthen her in these times (Marc Antony)." Vs 6

As prophesied, Cleopatra was betrayed by Rome and did not retain power. Pompey and Julius Caesar, the ones who "brought her" to Rome, were betrayed and murdered. He that begat her, the Ptolemy Dynasty, came to an abrupt end with the murder of Cleopatra's son. He that thought to strengthen her, (Marc Antony), was defeated by Augustus Caesar, and Marc Antony and Cleopatra together committed suicide. The alliance was a disaster for all involved. Never again would an alliance be attempted - religious fanaticism would see to that - from now on it would be all out war for domination of the world and control of the Promised Land.

As the North was cracking in two, the South was being prepared slowly for its role, until, like an exploding bomb, it erupted with unprecedented fury onto history's center stage. Appearing out of nowhere as the creation of the false prophet, Mohammed, this supernatural movement, loaded with the gun powder of religious fanaticism, quickly shot its way across the deserts of Arabia, the Middle East and Africa, even reaching into Europe itself. In just twenty short years the Empire of Islam was born, and the Southern Kingdom had become a formidable competing empire, belligerently and successfully challenging the splintered North.

 Eastern Roman Empire vs. Islam

But out of a branch of her roots [Cleopatra's Egypt], shall one stand up in his estate (the estate of the king of the south), which shall come with an army, and shall enter into the fortress of the north, and shall deal against them and prevail.Dan. 11:7

It was now time for this Southern movement to stand up in Egypt's estate and prevail against the fortress of the North. At a time when the divided Roman Empire was receding, the movement out of the spiritual roots of Egypt, this Islam (meaning submission to God) was flying along on a magic carpet ride. Nothing could stop it. After its conception by the false prophet Mohammed in A.D. 620, Islam instantly engulfed the entire Southern world. Within ten years Arabia, Persia, Mesopotamia, and the "Jewel" itself were in Islamic clutches. Egypt, all of Northern Africa, and as far east as India, fell a few years later. And then, within a century of the movement's beginnings, the prophecy was fulfilled.

In 711 the Ommayad Empire of Islam “entered into the fortress” of the Beast and took parts of its cherished possessions. Most of Spain, some of France, all of the islands of the Mediterranean and parts of Italy were conquered, just as Daniel's prophecies promised, so it happened; and then "shall one stand up [Mohammed] which shall come with an army, and shall enter into the fortress of the north, and shall deal against them and prevail." Islam had gained control of the Promised Land and had entered into and prevailed against the North. The King of the South had extended its borders into the North while growing into an imposing beast in its own right in less than a century's time. From out of nowhere the Islamic Empire had grown even greater in territorial size than the Beast and was standing at its every border flexing its muscles. She had her revenge and carried away the north's gold, cattle and slaves and taken her pride.

Within little more than 100 years the King of the South (Moslems) had entered into the
Empire's domain and threatened its very existence. Just as Daniel had foretold.

But Rome Lives On

It is critical to keep in mind, however, the important prophetic truth that the Roman Empire and power continued to exist between these years of 600 and 1200, as well as beyond. They have remained, in one form or another throughout this age. They may have existed in a somewhat dormant state but the hopes and aspirations, the memory of glories, and the religions always the religion - continued to govern the people even in the absence of a single centralized imperial government. Rome has never ceased to exist.

Partly Strong Also

Though Rome was weakened through providentially imposed division, it must be remembered that God had also promised it would be partly strong, and because of its enduring strength the North was always able to make counter moves against the rival South. At critical times the Roman spirit was able to pull things together temporarily in order to repulse invasion, or make thrusts of its own into the Southern Kingdom's stronghold. In one instance, as Daniel prophesied, it even reached into the Promised Land itself. In A.D. 1071, the leader of Rome, the Pope, successfully stirred up the soul of Europe and got it to undertake a "Holy War" to regain control of Jerusalem.

Crusade after Crusade - All According to Daniel 11

But his sons [the North], shall be stirred up, and shall assemble a multitude of great forces: and one [force] shall certainly come, and overflow and pass through [the First Crusade]; then shall he return and be stirred up even to his fortress. And the king of the south shall be moved with choler, and shall come forth and fight with him, even with the king of the north: and he [the North] shall set forth a great multitude [all of the Crusades which numbered at least 11]; but the multitude shall be given unto his [the south's] hand.” Dan. 11:10-11

The Papacy preached the Crusades and the rulers of the Holy Roman succession financed them. The First Crusade did "pass through and overflow" the armies of the South and met with success in taking Jerusalem, even if it was only a temporary success.
As a prime Antichrist archetype Pope Urban II incited all of Europe to make a unified move upon the Holy Land.

“From the confines of Jerusalem and the city of Constantinople a horrible tale has gone forth and very frequently has been brought to our ears: namely, that a race from the kingdom of the Persians, an accursed race, a race utterly alienated from God, a generation, forsooth, which has neither directed its heart nor entrusted its spirit to God, has invaded the lands of those Christians and has depopulated them by sword, pillage, and fire. . . .”
 - Pope Urban II, Proclamation at Clermont, 1095

     This was the hybrid Roman Empire's most ambitious common enterprise of the period of the Middle Ages and its most conspicuous failure was the attempt to bring together all mankind in Christian unity under the leadership of the Pope the so-called successor of Peter. The most intense part of this enterprise and the one that enlisted the most widespread support in Europe from all levels of society was the Crusades of which there were no less than 11 full fledged attempts to conquer Jerusalem for the Empire. The first Crusade was relatively successful and a kingdom was set up by the princes and kings of Europe that lasted in degrees for about a hundred years, but this turned out to be a renegade kingdom not subject to the Roman Empire proper or the Papacy's direction and authoritative Will.
     The Crusades, in the narrow sense of the expeditions to conquer and hold the Holy Land for the Antichrist, began at the end of the eleventh century and lasted the duration of the Middle Ages. The Crusades also worked for the cause of the Antichrist and the Holy Roman Empire's testing alliance with Mystery Babylon (the papacy as representative) in the following ways:

  • The re-conquest of Spain and Sicily from the Moslems.
  • The extension of the Christian frontier in the Baltic region to take in Lithuanians, Estonians, Prussians and Finns.
  • Christian missions to convert the Mongols and other Eastern peoples.
  • Concurrent with the Crusades was the effort to convert or eliminate the Jews within Europe that led ultimately to their expulsion from many parts of the West. As well as the persecution of designated Christian sects that did not support  the Pope and his policies of unification and power politics.

The Crusades inspired the most dedicated valor, the most bloodthirsty cruelty, and the greediest vandalism of medieval men. They offered the fullest opportunity for combined fulfillment of Germanic heroic aspirations and Christian ideals of brotherhood and self-sacrifice all in the cause of Antichrist dominion and power though this was the exact opposite of their claim to be doing everything in the name of God.
    Eventually after a hundred years or so the King of the South was "moved with choler" to cast out the North, and did so, just as Daniel had forecasted. The North sent a second Crusade, and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, and so on, through the eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth Centuries; and all failed. "Multitudes and great multitudes" kept showering down on the South but with resiliency prophesied, the South repelled every onslaught. Corruption and dissension from within had doomed the North to failure just as the prophecies of Daniel had said would happen.
      The Holy Roman Empire was kept impotent by its own inherent weakness and from the fanatic opposition of Islam. The demonic spirit leaders of the South had learned well the lessons of empire from its older rival in the North. Islam had employed its own carefully orchestrated Antichrist religion which preached the goodness, integrity, and spark of deity in man, and while it was winning souls with this "highfalutin" religion it was hypocritically devouring the flesh of men on its way to creating a vast earthly empire. Islam had set up a system of Caliphates (ministers of God as successors of Mohammed) which served the same purpose that bishoprics served in Rome. As the Pope claimed to be the Vicar of Christ on earth, so Mohammed and the caliphs were held in esteem as the sole representatives of God and the teachers of God's final revelation. Both empires had similar systems; both were fueled by the spirit that had deified Alexander the Great. Though Islam's religion has endured, its kingdom lasted only long enough to set up the soul of the empire and then give way to the arm of flesh, the Turks, who would administer the soul of the South with a heavy bureaucratic zeal and at the same time fiercely continue the competition with the North.

The Holy Roman Empire vs. Ottoman Empire

The violent, unremitting competition between North and South was continually provoked by these blasphemous voices of propaganda. The wars were many and long and "many ten thousands" were lost. Daniel 11 prerecorded it this way:

And when he [the South] hath taken away the multitude [the multitudes of Crusade armies], his heart shall be lifted up; and he shall cast down many ten thousands: but he shall not be strengthened by it. For the king of the north shall return, and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former and shall certainly come after certain years with a great army and much riches. And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.vs 11:12-14

Early_ottoman_flag2.gifThe Turks not only thwarted the Crusades and cast the North out of the Promised Land; they forced the Holy Roman Empire to turn inward to its own defenses in order to rid itself of Islam's foothold in Europe. But Europe, as the Beast, remained powerful and persistent. Even though the South had beaten back the Crusades they were unable to discourage the relentless North from trying to overrun their empire and regain the Holy Land for itself. As was written, the King of the South would not be strengthened in victories over the North, for Rome would keep coming and coming, and after many years, at the time appointed, would overtake the decayed Ottoman Empire. It would take six hundred years of relentless campaigning from the North but Rome's return to the Promised Land, and the defeat of the South was preordained.

The Ottoman Empire encroached on Eastern Europe all the way up the Danube River almost to Vienna. The King of the South threatened to overrun the Holy Roman Empire and the Papal States and put an end to the Roman Empire more than three centuries, but was never able to destroy the Beast, Rome.

From A.D. 1300 to World War I in 1914, the competition between North and South was manifest in the confrontations between the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire. The Roman spirit was expanding itself into the "New World", into deepest Africa, and the Far East, colonizing culturalizing, and "religiousizing" the rest of the globe. All the while the Ottoman Empire continued at Rome's doorstep, a menacing thorn in Rome's beleaguered side. Despite Rome's outrage, the barbarous infidels of the South remained solidly lodged within the boundaries of the "northern fortress". Between the years 1300 - 1550 the Ottoman Turks rode across desert and mountain gobbling up its southern turf as well as vast areas of Eastern Europe. Turk conquests in Hungary, the Balkans, Serbia, Croatia, Transylvania, Macedonia, the Crimea, Albania and other European provinces, all parts of the old Eastern Roman Empire, more than compensated for earlier Islamic losses in Western Europe. Each new province was put under the tight bureaucratic control of the Turks and by 1550, the Turks had wrested control of Greece and the entire eastern half of the Austrian Empire. But most importantly, the Turks ruled the heartland of the earth, Israel. They also reigned uncontested in the surrounding Middle East, west along the Mediterranean coast of Africa and east to India. Islam had provided the South with a comparative soul and spirit to Rome and an equivalent anti-scriptural, antichrist power; but it took the Ottoman Turks to give the empire a unified diplomacy, a strict centralized government that administered the soul and spirit of the empire with the iron fist of practicality. The Ottomans gave the South a body of such magnitude that it could compete fort he antichrist vision on the same scale as its older and wiser counterpart.
     Making the Southern threat even more imposing was the fact that The Holy Roman Empire remained throughout this period in a hopeless state of confusion and turmoil brought on by its internal divisions. Not until the Age of Discovery and the continued imperialism of the Word-Spirit Empire did the North recover and begin to rise again toward a world dominance and eventually to the Global Kingdom which is coming in the near future. Intrigues and wars were without end, a natural result of the prophetic ailment of division. Religious authority competed with secular powers and secular powers competed with religious authority. The Empire of the Beast remained a hulking, but crippled giant. But it kept trying to reunite itself to fulfill the vision of the Antichrist. Two great examples of trying to fulfill the vision of the Antichrist are Napoleon and Hitler. Others who preceded these figures of the end-times as leaders of the Holy Roman Empire (The Germans) were Charlemagne in the 8th Century, Otto The Great in the 10th, Pope Urban II in the 12th (trying to dominate the German kings) and, Charles V in the 16th Century. But these were only men who tried to unify the 'Roman' Empire, take the Holy Land and set themselves up as more than the imperial head and leader but even as the equivalent of God on earth. They all fell far short of their hope.
      Hitler and Napoleon held the same vision of themselves and exerted far reaching schemes along with their lofty aspirations because the whole world had been by then been 'discovered' and opened up for imperialistic designs of 'Rome', more so than with any other of the previous Antichrist aspirants of the age between the first and second coming of Christ. Most everyone knows about Hitler’s career, his regime and his compulsion to rule the world under the Germanic ideals of antichrist dominance. But Napoleon is just as fantastic an Antichrist figure and being removed from us by two hundred years the details and specifics of his career and bold Imperial antichrist intentions are not as well known. He was a so-called enlightened leader with liberal and radical ideas blended together in such a way as to be welcomed enthusiastically by the populace and common man, just as the Antichrist will be. He did popular things: reforming laws, restructuring government for the people, restoring religion, counter-balancing the ruthless tyranny of France's revolutionary government and easing taxation, just as the Antichrist will do. Napoleon offered a disgruntled Europe freedom from the yoke of their oppressive governments, seducing them with promises of liberty, equality, and fraternity just as the Antichrist will do. He proposed to deliver the people from bondage and the people believed him, just as the people will believe the Antichrist. The Antichrist of then, the Antichrist of now, and the Antichrist of the future offer the same thing: a form of salvation in troubled times. The Antichrist was then and will be in the end, a great man: intelligent, charismatic and bold. He will ally himself with religion and have a form of godliness and righteousness. Napoleon restored the Catholic Church which had been destroyed by the Revolutionary government, making it a state institution for public education and giving back its land and authority in law. This also foreshadowed the Antichrist’s alliance with religion. With the help of the false prophet the Antichrist will wage a brilliant war to win the souls of men, just as his forerunner Napoleon had done before, but he will succeed were Napoleon failed. The Antichrist will unify the Empire, cast down the power of the South, draw unbelieving and religiously bogus Jewish leaders into his conspiracy, and set up his throne in God's temple in Jerusalem, declaring himself to be God. But in the end, just as Napoleon was defeated, so the Antichrist will be defeated. See Rev. 19

Napoleon ended in utter failure never uniting the Empire or setting up the throne of the Antichrist.  Just as Daniel's prophecy had promised, those trying to fulfill the vision before its time would fail. Satan had tried to rush the cadence of prophecy, but was foiled. Once again the Lord had proved who was Lord (as in the lesson of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon) by showing who sets up and deposes rulers on earth. God had turned the tables on Satan using the Devil's child, Napoleon, to fulfill prophecy and pave the way for its future end. Napoleon's antichrist ambitions had given Mankind a glimpse into the future. For a brief moment the world had seen the embryo of the horrible "Beast" which will spread its gospel of deception at the end and lead the world into war, hatred, pestilence, death and eventually - Hell. The last of the prophecies of Daniel 11 were now set for the final stages of fulfillment. A new world order had been inaugurated by Napoleon's efforts, for among the things he did was to revive the spirit of ancient Egypt. The North was again looking with covetous eyes at the jewel of the earth, Israel. And the entire globe was full of the spirit of revolution and rebellion.

The British Empire

british flag copy.gif

And he shall stand in the glorious land...Dan. 11:16

     As deposer of Napoleon Britain stood next in line, ready to catapult the stymied Antichrist Empire around the globe. The feet and toes of the Beast still remained clay and iron, partly weak and partly strong, and British supremacy as the Antichrist leader would be constantly challenged, until the bitter fruit of division finally burst forth in unprecedented fury with two World Wars during Britain's waning years. But that was as it was supposed to be; Britain's prophetic mission, though profound in many respects, was not to unite the Empire, but to give it a foot hold in the whole earth.

Britain's prophetic mission was threefold. Ruling the Empire during a time of great change and upheaval, the accomplishment of its three major prophetic tasks set the stage for the new order of the End Times. 1.) Britain was used to tear down the old order of the Ottoman Empire in the South to make the way for revival of the ancient empires of Egypt, Persia, Syria, Ethiopia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and most importantly, Israel. 2.) As the most remote part of the ancient Roman Empire, the United Kingdom was used to baptize every remote comer of the globe with the spirit of Rome. Britain educated the masses of every continent in the hopes and humanism of "modern Rome”, thus laying the groundwork for world government. 3.) And most profound of all - Britain was used by God to reestablish a sovereign Jewish state in Israel after twenty-five hundred years. Daniel 11 alludes to the history of this:


“So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand. But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land, which by his hand shall be consumed. He shall also set his face to enter with the strength of his whole kingdom, and upright ones with him; thus shall he do: and he shall give him the daughter of women, corrupting her, but she shall not stand on his side, neither be for him. After this shall he turn his face toward the isles, and shall take many: but a prince for his own behalf shall cause the reproach offered by him to cease; without his own reproach he shall cause it turn upon him.

Then shall he turn his face toward the fort of his own land: but he shall stumble and fall, and not be found.”Dan. 11:11-15


By 1914, at the outbreak of World War I, the Turkish Empire of the ottoman’s, the "Sick Man of Europe", was nothing more than a hollow shell waiting to be crushed like a rotten egg under the iron foot of the able and vengeful North. Britain and its allies descended on the Ottomans and as Daniel had promised, there was not "any strength to withstand". The six-hundred-year-old order of Ottoman rule was vanquished and by war’s end the British and their allies had partitioned the crumbled empire according to ancient boundaries and then dividing them among themselves as spoils of war.  Syria, Iraq (Babylon), Iran (Persia), and Jordan were made into British and French protectorates, all trade routes and strategic waterways were placed under British control, and most critical of all, Palestine (Israel) was seized by Antichrist scepter holder, Great Britain.

Britain Steams Rome around the World

In this last-hour of revival of the ancient countries we must remember to keep our eyes on Israel who God has set among the nations as a beacon for all believers. Israel's revival shines as an unmistakable supernatural light, signaling the end of the Time of the Gentiles. The crooked means of the British annexation of Israel and her double dealings with her shot forth the first gleaming rays of end-times light in so far as World-Spirit imperialism is concerned. As the end of the First World War drew near, British army’s under General George Allenby, meeting no resistance entered the gates of Jerusalem on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the 11th month of 1917 and hoisted the British flag over God's Holy City. It was a banner day in prophecy not just because it signaled the beginning of the end but because it was the fulfillment of Daniel's words some 2,400 years earlier. According to Daniel's prophecy the North had taken the strongholds of the South and had finally entered the "glorious land" with none standing before him. After centuries of frustration through the Crusades, the attempts of the Russian Czars and Prussian Kaisers, through Hapsburg and Papal intrigues and Napoleon's bold excursion to Egypt and the Middle East the North had finally returned to claim the "Jewel of the Earth" as a possession of its very own. In the very hour British dragoons began marching through the ancient streets of Jerusalem Great Britain was at the zenith of its political and military power. Geographically and politically she would never be more powerful, never have more land holdings, less dangerous enemies, than in that moment. This was her ultimate moment; and yet it also heralded the beginning of the end for her and the Gentile world which she represented, because it was all down hill from there. It was also destined that her prodigy America should be at that very moment on the ascent. But Great Britain had accomplished it prophetic purpose in the hand of Providence. The spirit of Rome, imbued in the British Empire, had now infested every part of the world. The Far East was being colonized, indoctrinated, and exploited from China to India. In Africa, colonies flourished in the south and west, and the entire three thousand miles of the fertile Nile River, from Egypt in the north to Uganda in the south, belonged solely to the Empire. In the New World, Britain owned nearly every island and had a colony in Central and South America. Elsewhere in the New World, Canada remained a loyal member of the British Commonwealth as did her sister, Australia, in the Southern Hemisphere. Its former colony the United States, remained a loyal member of the family, fighting and squabbling with her, but ready to defend the family pride against all outsiders. The Empire held every strategic base in the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf with island fortresses that extended into the Indian Ocean, around to the China Sea, out into all parts of the Pacific Ocean, surrounding the South American continent, on up into the Atlantic Ocean and back home. What islands it did not control, and there were very, very few, its offspring did.
     The Providentially ordained competition to keep the 'Roman' heritage from uniting remained a fully divisive force however throughout the reign of Great Britain. As a sign of the diversity of times and the closing in of the end the archetype of British Antichrist leadership fell to the career of a queen. Queen Victoria presided over the Empire for better than 60 years and led it to the zenith of its power and territorial domain. During the British rise to Antichrist dominance in the Empire the Spanish, French and Germans offered the greatest resistance to world domination and the unifying of all mankind under English authority. Russia provided the resistance from without. Britain's own progeny, the United States of America was yet looming in the wings. In 1913, with the creation of the Federal Reserve System the United States suddenly wrested the financial dominance of the world away from its mother country and was on its way to the inevitable position it held until the middle of the first decade of this century. But it took two World Wars for the British Empire to be so weakened that it could no longer hold its power.

When war and civil unrest finally broke out in Palestine the British stubbornly persisted in disregarding its promise to God's people and ignored the desperation of the homeless and hated Jews of Europe, but by then God's Spirit had ignited the Jewish people to look with a single eye toward Israel.

The Empire had tried to corrupt the chosen daughter (Israel) by blocking her return home, or by giving the Jews of Palestine into the hands of the Arabs, or by persuading Jews to give up the idea all together. All the attempts to corrupt this great fulfillment of prophecy were nevertheless supernaturally thwarted by God, as God gave the Jews the boldness to defy the Empire and the world, and not "stand on his [Britain's] side". God's hand was on the Jews to persevere because the time had come. Finally, after wanderings and slavery, after living in ghettos and weathering the genocide of Hitler's Germany, finally, after thirty-one years of the broken promises of the Balfour Declaration, after World War I and World War II, a sovereign Jewish state was reestablished in the Promised Land in 1948. Miraculously and against all odds the Jews prevailed. The British withdrew after the Zionist military campaign of bombing, harassment, and guerrilla warfare had cost them more than they could afford. Whole Arab populations, entire Palestinian towns panicked and fled, leaving their homes and belongings behind just for the taking. As fireworks blazing in a night sky, the end of the time of the Gentiles was exploding onto the prophetic scene. The British Empire's greatest historical purpose was to be used to open the way for the return of the Jews to Israel. To be sure it was against all Antichrist wishes and the Empire tried everything possible to avert its happening, but it was providential. And, as all Antichrist empires before, Britain was used by God for his specific purpose and then judged. All of what happened to Britain and with Israel was just as Daniel had said.

After 1948 the British Empire went into an amazing rapid decline. Within fifty years of the deceitful Balfour Declaration and Britain's hypocritical treatment of the Jew, the largest Empire ever known was cut by ninety per cent. The reproach of the Empire was AmericanFlag02.gifstopped first by its withdrawal from Palestine and then, like a house of cards with its key card pulled out from the bottom, the whole Empire came tumbling down. In less than two decades an empire that had been built over three centuries left the world stage with a whimper. The U.S. of A. had already taken control of the world economy and now she took control of the world militarily in order to protect her interests around the world. Her declared mission was always to convert the world to her self-righteous brand of freedom and utility, just as all of her predecessors had always done before her.

United States: Raiser of Taxes

         “Then shall stand up in his estate [Rome) a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom:
              but within a few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.
Dan. 11:20

This is the last estate of the divided Roman Empire before the coming of the "vile person". This is the power that would take the place of Britain and act in behalf of the spirit of Rome. This military might of the world, this spiritual leader of the Roman Empire since World War II and the demise of British Empire, is the United States. Its greatest weapon and strongest hold on the world? Economic. Thus the reference to taxes or revenues. The almighty dollar has held sway in the world for this half of the 20th Century. The U.S., with its vast economic holdings, has been a mega superpower. But our time has drawn to a swift end. The brief empire referred to in Daniel 11 would indicate so and with the collapse in 2008 of the greater portion of our financial institutions this prophecy has now also been fulfilled. Our power was built mainly in the twentieth century and primarily since W.W.II. Nations and regions of the world have either been out and out colonies or "subsidiaries" of U.S. business power. The phrase, "raiser of taxes", used to describe the character wedged in between the conqueror of the Holy Land (Britain) and the Antichrist himself, suggests an emphasis on taxes, revenues, economics, investment, business, or: ‘money' in general. President Coolidge once said, "The business of America is business!" The map of U.S. military presence around the world shows how completely dominant the U.S.A. has been, how thoroughly it has taken measures to protect its economic interests and how it meant to impose an antichrist type unity and peace upon the world in a perfectly 'Roman imperial' style, blending cultures and societies under its exclusive political power. Business and economics is at the core of U.S. world diplomacy and its doctrines; the politics of economics flows deep and runs in a unified voice with torrential current in all its fundamental doctrines of all of America's sacred writings: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and all its general code or laws, just as it did in the original Roman Empire. One of its branches of government, the Legislative branch, has as its greatest power the control of expenditures and its governance by law. Economic freedom is the rock upon which the United States was founded. Now that that rock has crumbled can the actual Antichrist Kingdom be very far away at all? The next step in the Antichrist's history is slated to be the establishment of the so-called Kingdom of the Ten Kings. You may find a discussion of the coming kingdom of the 'Ten Kings', which is the world dominion of Antichrist, elsewhere within website.


The Competition of the Antichrist vs King of South
During the Time of the Gentiles

  • 322 B.C. - King of the South (Egypt) Revived
  • 40 B.C. – Unity between North and South foiled
  • 622 A.D. - The Nation of Islam enters into the North
  • 700 – 1200 –The Crusades fight back with only limited success
  • 800 - 1914 Ottoman Empire holds off the Antichrist North for centuries
  • 1740 – 1917 – British Empire sails Rome around the world, retakes Holy Land
  • 1914 - present - U. S. of A. turns globe into business world. Short lived glory
  • ? – Antichrist takes rule of 10 nation empire and unifies “Rome”


There has always been an element among the Rabbis and religious leaders who believe the Messiah will create a worldly government with the Jews as the absolute authority over the whole world. The hope was expressed in Jesus’ day when they came to him to try to make him king, but he refused the offer as untimely and unwarranted because his mission was not of a worldly nature at his first coming. He will not be King of kings until his return.