A Large Part of the information in the chart below is gleaned from the prophecies of Daniel with understanding applied from Revelation.

Notice: The Tribulation begins when the Antichrist makes his covenant with many nations. It ends when the Temple in Jerusalem is cleansed by Jesus who has returned to earth and conquered the armies of the earth who have converged upon Israel to fight against God and the Lamb at Armageddon.

The chart on the left highlights the main actions of the Antichrist which effect religion during the seven year Tribulation. It is during this time that the Antichrist uses the Great Whore for his own glory and then betrays her as depicted in the prophetic account of her judgment in Revelation 17. He, the False Prophet and Satan are busy employing every religious, political and military means to command the worship of all mankind. All actions are designed to gain their worship and deprive God of all worship and to keep Him from all power and authority on earth.

At the top we are informed that the Tribulation lasts 7 years or 2,520 days in duration. The time in which the Antichrist makes all his religious moves in an effort to gain the worship of the world for himself and his 'father' Satan, and to try to defeat God and the forces of heaven.

The mid-way point is designated because the overall Tribulation is divided into two distinct halves: Tribulation and Great Tribulation. Judgments increase in severity and supernatural force in the second half and the open opposition of man and God becomes open and dramatically hostile.

Under the auspices of the Antichrist 220 days into the Tribulation the Jews restore the daily sacrifices and oblations in the new built temple. Daniel tells us that 2,300 days later the Temple will be cleansed of the pollution of the Antichrist's defilement. And that there is 1,290 days from the time when the Antichrist reneges on his commitment to the daily sacrifices and stops them, until the time of the cleansing, which happens at Jesus's return.

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* At the center of the chart is the time known as the Abomination of Desolation which is the exact middle of the Tribulation but also marks the start of the "Great" Tribulation when the Antichrist replaces the religion of God with his religion and sets up his throne and image in the Temple.

*Gaining an understanding of the vile person about what he is, learning about his spirit and behavior, serves the end times Christian by issuing a warning about the Antichrist spirit. Antichrist the man will be the embodiment and personification of a spirit that is already alive and well in the world today. It has infiltrated and become an integral part of today's politics, arts, sciences, religions, governments, philosophies, societies, economics, psychologies, churches and cultures - every fabric of lives. We study prophecy and the Antichrist's role in the end times so that we will not be seduced or overwhelmed with the Antichrist spirit, and miss the rapture.

*Under his reign, deceit of a high spiritual nature will take place and lies and half truths will rule the day by his slick ways and velvet tongue. His own heart will tell him that he is the true God. He will be so persuasive and believable that people will put all of their faith in him. He will, however, be thoroughly deceitful and wicked in all of his intentions. He will believe that he can stand up to the Prince of princes, Jesus Himself. These accounts are recorded in Daniel to warn the faithful, who have put their lives in God's hands, to not be deceived by this man and his spirit. Remember, Jesus Himself said that the deception at the end would be great. 

*Most Christians, even with the warnings found in the scriptures, will be caught off guard and seduced by the spirit of this dynamic and likeable man. He will be like an angel of light and will have what appear to be religious remedies for every spiritual question or problem. Religion will be a big ally and tool used by him, as his real goal is total worship by the world as the one true God.

Profile of the man from Daniel             Profile Portrait of Antichrist from historical archetypes