false christs and prophets

By the end of that shocking day, 80 people were found dead, 23 of them children under 17.  Koresh had fathered 14 of them.  While rumors spread that Koresh himself had escaped through underground tunnels, his body was later identified by dental records.  He'd been shot in the head. 


Infernao engulfs the compound

The ATF made a very suspicious decision when,  On May 12, less then a month after the incident, they bulldozed the site.  In other words, if there were any clues remaining after the fire that might have provided information as to what took place, they were now beyond use.

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David Koresh - bio
Original name: Vernon Wayne Howell Born Aug. 17 1959 – died April 19 1993.
Born to: Bonnie Hadelman.
         He lived with his grandparents and they were the acting parents in his life. As a child he was called Vernie. Suffering from dyslexia and as a result, bad grades, he never finished high school. He enjoyed the Bible and music. At the age of 20 he joined the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Having different ideas from the church leaders he was asked to leave the church.
         In 1981 he joined the religious sect the Brach Davidians who had settled 10 miles out of Waco, Texas in 1935. Lois Roden the prophetess was in her sixties. After her death in 1986 Howell (Koresh)and Lois' son George began a power struggle to become head of the sect.
        Being unsuccessful, Koresh left with his followers and went to East Texas. They returned to Waco in 1987 armed and prepared to fight. In the fight George Roden was shot. Howell (Koresh)and his followers were put on trial for attempted murder. The followers were acquitted and Howell's trial was declared a mistrial. In 1990 he legally changed his name to David Koresh and became the leader of the Branch Davidians.
       The name change came from the belief that he was the head of the biblical House of David. The compound was called Mount Carmel. On February 28, 1993 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Federal Bureau of Investigation tried to execute a warrant for David at Mount Carmel. They had been investigating charges of illegal weapons and child abuse. As a result of the Davidians resisting the warrant a shoot out occured and left ten people dead, including 4 BATF agents. The Davidians stayed inside their compound for 51 days. During that time negotiations continued for them to surrender. On April 19, 1993 the compound burned to the ground. Lost were 74 followers along with their leader. The whole ordeal was a scandal for the FBI and others involved and much of the nation was outraged in the way the whole thing was handled and at the great loss of life. It was a very sad thing that the truth of Koresh’s beliefs never came out at trial. The truth may never be sorted out in this life as to who and what was responsible but it is certain that Koresh has some notions that he had been prophesied to be the leader of the House of David and therefore a Messianic figure of some kind.
        Many of the victims had died from gunshot wounds and one child had been stabbed to death.  Over 100 firearms were eventually recovered from the scene, and 400,000 rounds of ammunition.  Wessinger states that many of them were still in their plastic wrappers, apparently scheduled for shipment rather than for use, but that's an interpretation without evidence.
         Supposedly, Koresh had decided that the Fifth Seal of Chapter 6 in the Book of Revelation predicted that Armageddon would occur there at Mount Carmel.  It describes those who were slain for the Word of the Lord and mentions a waiting period, after which the entire community would be killed.  According to Koresh's understanding, through this violence, he and his people were to achieve salvation.