Jewish Temple
Will Be Rebuilt 

    The Jewish Temple in Jerusalem must be rebuilt and some form of the Mosaic Law will be reinstituted if the prophecies concerning the revival of the Jews and their unsavory relationship with the Antichrist are to be fulfilled. Obviously, the Temple will therefore have to be rebuilt. The apostle Paul wrote of this certainty in a letter to the believers in first century Thessalonica, Greece. He said that the Antichrist would sit in a throne in the Temple at Jerusalem presenting himself as God and making people worship him as God. In the Temple the Antichrist will rear up an image of himself that will have the power to kill anyone who does not bow before it in adoration as God.
     The last operating Jewish Temple was King Herod’s magnificent structure of ivory, gold and immaculately carved wood and jewels. It also reigned as a mighty fortress for the Jews who held out against the contemporary ‘Antichrist’, the Roman Empire, until it was destroyed in 70 A.D. by the orders of Titus, the son of the Emperor, and soon to rise to Emperor himself on the death of his father. Since that time no central Jewish Temple has operated the daily sacrifices and oblations which Daniel himself prophesied would be reinstituted by the ‘evil one’ in the very last days.
      It is only reasonable to believe that the actual Antichrist himself will likely be at the ‘ribbon cutting’ when the new Temple is opened. How far away can this day be? In the article below Holly Bedard has given an account of the current state of the plans to build a Temple where the Jewish people as a nation can return not only to their ancient homeland and capital city, Jerusalem, but they can also return to their singular and signature religion that defines them in their own minds as people of God. For two thousand years Jews around the world have celebrated the Passover by stating reverently, “Next year in Jerusalem”.
      It is a very sensitive thing of course, this rebuilding of the symbol of Jewish national pride. It would be the final act telling the hostile world that they intend to stay in Jerusalem and Israel no matter what the price. It would tell the world that the Jew has all confidence and determination to be Jewish whether the world approves or not. And it would be an act of total defiance, complete disregard for negotiating with their neighbors, who have made known their hatred for the Jews for better than sixty years by trying to ‘drive them into the sea’, as supporters of the Palestinians have so often put it. It is only the vain hope that the hatred of the world and their neighbors could be placated that has made Jewish authorities reticent and closed mouthed about rebuilding a New National Temple, even though it would be a unifying bond for a somewhat fractured Jewish people. The dome of the Rock now sits on the spot where many orthodox Jews believe the Temple ought to be rebuilt. For political and national security reasons the Jewish government has not tolerated openly suggesting or speaking about the rebuilding of a Jewish National Temple or the reinstating of Mosaic Law and sacrifices, though it would help bridge the gap between the diverse political and religious agendas of the Jewish populace. But as the political tensions mount, and with increasing attacks from Islamic and Arab nations the Jews seem to be inching closer and closer to feeling so alienated from its surrounding nations that they may no longer care about Islamic national feelings or the violence and antagonism they may incur at rebuilding the Temple. The need for bonding of the national Jewish character could outweigh the opposition from without, even if followed by the violence of war.
       It is not hard to conceive that the Antichrist would gladly throw his support behind the building of a Jewish Temple as a bargaining chip if the Jewish government is willing to sign the infamous ‘peace covenant’ (which kicks off the seven year Tribulation), that covenant which is between The Antichrist Ten King Empire, some variety of other nations and the Jews. The Antichrist wins all the way around. He snookers the Jews and in the process gets a temple for himself where he will eventually place his world throne, which he will commandeer midway through the Tribulation, and at no cost to himself. He will enthrone himself as God of this world in the very place from which God has stated that His Son will rule the world, because prophecy has made it clear that Jerusalem is the place where God will rule the earth. It must be in Jerusalem where the Temple is rebuilt.


   The First Temple (right) built by Solomon was a wonder. The Second Temple was less spectacular. The third temple built by Herod the Great was 60 years in the making and even more magnificent than Solomon's. It was considered one of the wonders of the Roman world. What will the next Temple look like? More modern perhaps but equally impressive no doubt.

Rebuilding Efforts for
the Temple in Jerusalem

by Holly Bedard



            In a review of activities surrounding Israel’s efforts to have a Jewish Temple built in Jerusalem, there is much activity on the Temple Mount and in Jewish society in the year 2010. On my last search about a year ago, it was limited to some disorganized extremist groups holding demonstrations in the “City of Peace”. Every couple of years since 1967, some passionate group or individual will stage a demonstration on the Temple Mount, only to be arrested by authorities for violating the agreement made by Moyshe Dyan with the Palestinians and Arabs, after the Six Day War. However, up to now the small groups or individuals have not enjoy the support of any organized groups in the wake of their demonstrations. Today, there are much larger groups organizing in and out of Israel, and working together to lobby the Israeli government to permit them to begin building a new Temple. In fact, the groups have begun advertising in support of the Temple rebuilding project on billboards and on public transit vehicles.

The obstacles to the rebuilding are The Dome of the Rock and the Al Aksa Mosque and the imposed barriers by the Israeli government, in an effort to keep the peace with the Muslim world. There have been a number of television shows on cable channels, usually confined to speculation on how the Biblical prophecies could be realized without removing the Dome of the Rock and the Mosque. Other sources believe that these Muslim Holy sites will have to be removed, in a variety of ways, to clear the way for the Temple. Still others i.e. Catholic Church representatives and other historians, try to make a case for the second Temple being the fulfillment of the prophecies in the Old Testament coupled with an effort to discredit what is contained in Revelation.

            Since the beginning of this year, 2010, there has been a great deal of activity on Mt. Moriah, the former and future site for the Jewish Temple. The announcement of the re-opening of the Hurva Synagogue in East Jerusalem has brought unrest with Palestinians and criticism from Islamic clerics. Concerns come because in addition to the Synagogue opening, it was also announced that two tombs were being opened as significant Israeli heritage sites on Mt. Moriah, including Rachel’s tomb. Islamic clerics are claiming that Israel will use this opportunity to further encroach on their holy site, the Dome of the Rock and Al Aksa Mosque. One allegation is that Jews may take the opportunity to lay a corner stone for the proposed Temple.

            March 15th marked the Re-dedication of the Hurva Synagogue, which is only 400 meters from the Aksa Mosque and it was met with resistance from Palestinians, as expected. On the 16th, the activist groups promoting the rebuilding of the Temple staged The International Temple Awareness Day. Groups such as the Temple Mount Faithful, The Temple Institute, The Nascent Sanhedrin, Temple Mount Advocacy Council, Americans for a Safe Israel, Children of Holocaust Survivors, and others joined forces to apply pressure on the Israeli government and other authorities to stop prohibiting Jews from the Temple Mount, and to give consideration to ambitions for rebuilding the long awaited Temple on the mount where King David had built an altar three thousand years ago and his Son Solomon had erected the first Temple for the service and worship of God.

            Reading a number of publications on the subject and watching the TV programs speculating on how this might come to pass, it can be discovered that there are three distinct schools on how to get the Temple built in present day Jerusalem.


  1. The conservative or orthodox view is that it must be built on the site where the Dome of the Rock is currently in place. This group includes many evangelical Christians, which has been so often assumed that it has taken on the power of fact in Evangelical realms. Many folks fully expect that God will take the Dome of the Rock out in an act of vengeance. i.e. war or natural disaster, or terrorist act. I can imagine that even an act of God would result in conspiracy theories and accusations against Israel by the Islamic world. But since Israel is told in God’s word that they will be a rock of offense to the whole world something like the destruction of the Dome of the Rock to build a Jewish Temple over the site would be a means to further fulfill this prophecy.      
  2. The second view is that perhaps the site of Solomon’s Temple is in fact not where the Dome of the Rock is at all. It could very well be close by but could easily be built in the projected site without encroaching on the al Aksa Mosque or the Muslims Holy site. I have even seen on television an Israeli archaeologist explaining, satellite imaging, showing what they believe is the real site of Solomon’s Temple. It is out of the way of the Islamic holy site and poses no structural obstacles to the project. Even if this is true, I doubt that they could begin rebuilding tomorrow without meeting tremendous resistance from Israel’s surrounding Islamic neighbors, and  other interested nations, including the United States. Although the United States has been a long time supporter of Israel, we have applied intense pressure on them to not do anything that would destabilize the Middle East for obvious economic reasons. However, it should be noted that there is a growing rift between the United States Government and the current Israeli Government led by Netanyahu. He and President Obama do not at all see eye to eye about developments in East Jerusalem and the Old City and the tensions are increasing daily as the rhetoric goes back and forth. The reason I can believe this as a scenario for getting the Temple rebuilt is that it will take the genius and craft of the Antichrist to pave the way for this to happen. Having his covenant in hand would surely embolden Israel to get the Temple built. However, this scenario leads me to the third school of thought which is a whole new view in Jewish Law.
  3. The third view comes from an article published in 2007 by Yoav Frankl in the Jewish Law Journal, Tehumin. Mr.Frankl is a director of an initiative at the Interfaith Encounter Association who sponsors it. This idea may not be his exclusively but it seems to be gaining support with organizations like the Temple Institute and the Movement to Restore the Temple, and certain Rabbis, including one from the revived Sanhedrin Adin Steinsaltz. The view from this group is that upon the emergence of an authentic prophet, the rebuilding of the Third Temple can be designated within a peaceful proximity to The Dome and the Aksa Mosque and even the Christian shrines. That means the Temple can be built anywhere the prophet designates, regardless of long time Jewish traditions insisting it be built on the Dome of the Rock site. Mr. Frankl’s view is based on the assumption that the prophet will be given a divine revelation giving Israel approval to build the Temple. At this point in time, the majority of Israelis do not share this view. Conservative Jews insist on the first view, that it must be built on the site of the Dome of the Rock. They also believe that it is unlawful for Jews to be on the Temple Mount until the Messiah comes and therefore no Temple can be built until such time. Progressive Jews like Mr. Frankl  and Rabbi Steinsaltz are inclined in a more ecumenical view for rebuilding the Temple. In their opinion the Temple Mount can be shared by Muslims, Christians and Jews and toward that end, it would not be unlawful to renew sacrifices and even rebuild the Temple on Mount Moriah, once a prophet comes forward to proclaim it. Unless the Lord is behind this, then the dissenting voices of both Muslims and conservative Jews remain, with those who do not share this view as part of God’s plan. However, to those who are “prophetic watchers” this does present some interesting possibilities. If the emerging prophet is one in allegiance with the Antichrist or even is him in the flesh, then this is a possible avenue of support for his plans. The fact that the proponents are of this plan are of an ecumenical persuasion makes it viable, since this will lead the world to the single religion of “tolerance” that the Antichrist and the False Prophet will champion. This new push from more liberal minded Jewish authorities may very well facilitate the purposes of the Antichrist. If this is not the case, this too is going to be met with nothing but resistance until it is the time appointed by God.


            If you check the Jerusalem Post or other Publications that keep up with events in Israel, you can find a news story on the Temple on a daily basis. The Temple Institute has already completed at least 37 items needed for reinstituting the Levitical Priesthood. Just recently, the High Priest’s attire was completed when they attached the Ephod to the breastplate. This was considered a news-worthy item by The Temple Institute, so that they issued a press release, to the effect. Last year, The Temple Institute dedicated and opened a specialized tailor shop, that will specialize in the approved priestly garments for the priests who will serve in the next Temple. The head tailor is a Rabbi, approved and appointed by the newly revived Sanhedrin in Israel. You can see photos of the dedication at the Temple Institute web site.

            The Jewish Sanhedrin, the priestly Supreme Court, was reestablished in October of 2004, in Tiberias. This was the location where the last Sanhedrin was disbanded, as a point of interest. Many Jews feel that the Sanhedrin had to be established to pave the way for the coming prophet who will usher in the coming of the Messiah. Many Jews feel that the time is at hand for these things to come to pass and they are waiting for the word to rebuild the Temple, so that the Messiah can come. Will the word come by a political edict or maneuver, or will it come by supernatural means in the voice of a “prophet” or some brokered deal through the Man of Perdition? Keep your eyes on Israel, church, the stage is set.


Note: The Temple Institute and others submitted a petition to the Israeli government to allow them and their followers to go and sacrifice on the Temple Mount for Passover this year, 2010. They were turned down.



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