The symbolism is consistent with images in Revelation. The beach would be the place where he would rise out of, no water being in it might symbolize that he has not risen yet to world prominence.

            But, that he is now here, and walking about is clearly intended. The compass/watch is tell-tale showing that he is focused and has direction and concern for time; he may be in a hurry though directed. This is in keeping, also, with the profile we are given in Scripture of the Antichrist, as the ‘vile person’ is bold, vibrant, youthful (at least in spirit, if not actually young) and with amazing unrelenting drive. None of this was far-fetched because clear signs had taken place to indicate that the time of the Antichrist’s rise was imminent, even though the very idea of the Antichrist to people in the world is utterly fantastic.

            The first man with the compass we find out later in the dream is the Antichrist himself. The second man represents the Church. He has two different ‘daughters’. (A daughter, or woman often represent Church). One has been abducted and is in danger of being conformed to the abductors ways. A part of the Church has been stolen away by the world, or Satan and the Antichrist, or all: this is in keeping with historical fact and prophetic Scripture and is a prime strategy of the Antichrist throughout the age of Grace and the last hours of judgment. It is part of the course he sets for himself. This is being accomplished in his influence in the worldly, fleshly churches of today (as through the Church Age).

            The symbolism of the Antichrist’s hanging is consistent with his foretold death and pseudo-resurrection in Rev. 13. That he was hung represents that he is cursed, for “anyone who is hung on a tree is cursed” and it speaks of the Antichrist as being the counterpart and a false Messiah. Then he once again appeared with his compass, completely focused on it, heading relentlessly in his intended course, unstoppable even by a deadly wound.



Dream - A Word of Prophecy


The Antichrist is Here

Sept. 16, 2008

Roxanne Bedard


     I had prayed the night before that the Lord would give me a word about some personal problems of some friends, and what was coming soon for us in these times. And this is the dream I had that night. Along with others, I stood on a beach, but there was no water in the ocean, and we hadn’t come to swim because everyone was fully clothed. My brother stood beside me and I remember trying to explain to someone that a series of events had taken place that were infallible signs that the Antichrist was here and that he was now walking around with a compass/watch on. I was trying to explain it to the person so it wouldn’t sound like I was nuts.

Just at that moment a man walked by me who was looking at a compass. Then there was a man with two daughters, and I’m not sure how it happened, but someone abducted one of his daughters, and he was crying. He said he wasn’t sure how long it would take for his daughter to get used to her abductors. Which I thought was odd.

And I’m not sure how I knew it, but I knew that the Antichrist had been on an Island where he had been hung. I had discussed with someone how he was hanging for a few hours and the damage that that would do and how no one would have been able to survive that, but this man did. Then the man with the compass walked by again and I realized it was the Antichrist. I only saw the back of him. And he had on dress pants and a white shirt, and he was still looking at his compass.


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